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Technical Services, Cataloging and Acquisitions

Last updated: June 11, 2024

Technical Services Training

Technical Services Q&A Webinar Series

Ex Libris Customer Education Webinars


Implementing Acquisitions in Alma Series (March 2023 - May 2023)


Cataloging Maintenance Center Multi-Week Moodle Courses

Online with the CMC Webinars

Technical Services Committee Connexion Client Training Q&A Series (October 2022 - February 2023)

Technical Services Committee, Getting Started with WorldShare Record Manager, Recording from April 18, 2024:

Ex Libris Documentation

The Ex Libris Knowledge Center divides resource management documentation into areas focused on work at the descriptive metadata level (e.g., MARC records, Dublin Core, etc.) and then the types of inventory (electronic, physical). Key documents are highlighted here.

Navigating the Metadata Editor -- Information on terminology and functionality for the Alma's primary cataloging interface.

Working with Items -- Information about adding new item records, editing existing item records through the Alma Physical Item Editor, and managing lists of records.

Network Zone

Zones in Alma
I-Share Network Zone Cataloging Recommendations
Brief Record Levels
I-Share Common Definitions for Local Extensions
Merging Network Zone Records
Information on CARLI e-books in the Network Zone
Cataloging Privileges and Shared Record Cataloging Levels
Linking Records to the Network Zone (draft, 9/21/2022)


Call Number Searching in Alma

Resource Management How-Tos and Workflows for Day-to-Day

Roles and Workflows

Roles for Cataloging and Physical Inventory Management
Workflows for Importing Bibliographic Records to Alma
Post-Migration Workflow to Restore Special Collection Bibliographic Records
Exporting Bibliographic Records from Alma to Other Systems

Alma Cataloging and Inventory Processes

Bound-With Practices 
How-To: Record Locks and Releasing Records
How-To: Using Local Extensions for Copy-Specific Bibliographic Data
Serials Receiving Processes
Working with MARC21 Templates for Bibliographic Records
Gov Docs Cataloging: Marcive, FDLP, CRDP, etc. (in process)

Using Import Profiles

How-To: Adding the Kanopy BASE Collection

Record Maintenance Processes

How-To: Changing Holding/Item Records Permanent Location
How-To: Relink Holdings to a New Bibliographic Record
How-To: Withdrawing Inventory and Deleting Records
Item Maintenance: Technical - Migration Process Status
Item Maintenance: Item Barcode Has Trailing Space Character
Moving item records between holdings
Technical Services Work-from-Home Projects courtesy of the CARLI Technical Services Committee

Using OCLC Cataloging Services with I-Share

The documents in this section succeed and replace CARLI's "Importing Bibliographic Records from WorldCat to Alma" document.

Settings and Configurations for Alma

OCLC Gateway Export Integration for Institution Zones
OCLC Gateway Export Integration for the Network Zone

Settings and Configurations for OCLC Applications

Configuring OCLC Connexion Client for Export to Alma
Configuring OCLC WorldShare Record Manager for Export to Alma

Adding WorldCat Records to Alma

Export from OCLC Connexion Client to Alma
Export from OCLC WorldShare Record Manager to Alma
Import from WorldCat via Alma Metadata Editor

OCLC Data Sync and Alma Publishing Processes

Each I-Share institution zone is configured to publish data on your inventory to keep WorldCat holdings data up to date. 

Automatic Holdings Updates Via OCLC Data Sync Collections
Defining Electronic Title Sets for OCLC Data Sync

Acquisitions How-Tos and Workflows for Day-to-Day

Roles for Acquisitions
PO Line Templates in Alma Acquisitions
Import Profile for Embedded Order Data
Working with Invoices
One Time Ordering Steps (Monographs)
Creating Orders for Services and Memberships
Deleting Acquisitions Data

Authority Records

Authority Control in Alma (In Progress)
Alma Authority Control FAQ, Ex Libris Knowledge Center

Videos and Webinars

Cataloging Government Documents in I-Share Brainstorming Session, September 9, 2020
Session Video
Slides and Session Chat