Suspending Open Calls for Committee Volunteers

This year marks a time of great transition for CARLI; the new library services platform, Alma/Primo VE, will change how we provide services. As we envision CARLI in 2021 and beyond, we know that some of our committee charges may need to be updated to reflect our new environment. Additionally, we may wish to create new committees, and combine or sunset others. For a list of committees and descriptions.

In order to allow time to evaluate current committee structures and make recommendations for committees that reflect the changing landscape, the CARLI Board of Directors has suspended open calls for committee volunteers for FY21.

Broadly, what this means for CARLI committees and their members:

  • The committee structure will remain the same for FY21; that is, the groups themselves will be carried over without change to purpose.
  • In Summer/Fall 2020, we ask that each committee consider whether the group should continue, cease, combine, or split. For committees that should continue, we ask that members examine their group′s charge with an eye to evaluate whether it should remain unchanged or go forward with modifications.
  • Current committee members whose terms are expiring are invited to continue their service for FY21 in order to engage in these evaluation efforts. We value the benefit of your committee experience and hope that you will stay to continue helping through this transition period. If you are unable to continue, or if you do not wish to do so, please email . Where additional input is needed for the evaluation or to complete their planned activities, CARLI may invite past members to serve a one-year term.
  • In order to have a final plan in time to complete the committee volunteer and selection process in Spring 2021, we ask that each committee prepare an initial report to the CARLI Board of Directors for review at their December 2020 meeting, with a final plan presented for approval at the March 2021 board meeting.
  • Committee projects may be suspended or continued in parallel with a focus on the questions above. In short, the committee’s project for the year can be its re-envisioning.
  • For FY22, the established process to join committees will recommence. As necessary to transition to the new committee structure, FY21 committee members may have to option to continue their service on continuing or newly created committees.

As always, please send any questions, or feedback about the committee evaluation process to .