CARLI Membership Agreement


CARLI membership provides critical services and programs to its members; additionally, CARLI membership is a contractual relationship as outlined in the CARLI Membership Agreement, and, if applicable, the I-Share Participant Institution Agreement.

Responsibilities of Directors 

In order to ensure that each library is in compliance with the requirements of membership, we ask that libraries designate a "Library Director." The CARLI Bylaws define a director as the person who is operationally responsible for the staff, services and budget of the library. Titles of eligible individuals include, but are not limited to, Director, Dean, Chair or Head Librarian. Directors are expected to familiarize themselves with the CARLI Membership Agreement, and, if applicable, the CARLI I-Share Participant Institution Agreement. 

CARLI directors’ responsibilities include:

  • Signing the CARLI Membership Agreement, and, if applicable, the CARLI I-Share Participant Institution Agreement, within the organizational framework of approving contractual agreements of the institution. Once signed, these agreements remain in effect until terminated. 
  • Ensuring library compliance with the terms and conditions of the CARLI Membership Agreement, and, if applicable, the CARLI I-Share Participant Institution Agreement.
  • Designating an I-Share Liaison (for participating libraries.) Detailed information about the role of the liaison is available from the I-Share Liaison's Guide
  • Providing timely notification of any intention to terminate agreement(s), as outlined therein.
  • Serving as the institution’s voting representative for CARLI Board elections and Bylaws revisions.
  • Keeping all contact/liaison names and information up to date with CARLI.
  • Ensuring all CARLI communications are distributed to staff and campus/governing authority officials, as appropriate.
  • Serving on the CARLI Board of Directors, if elected or appointed.

CARLI Membership Agreement

The mission of CARLI is to lead Illinois academic libraries to create and sustain a rich, supportive, and diverse knowledge environment that furthers teaching, learning, and research through the sharing of collections, expertise, and programs.

CARLI membership does not replace an institution’s obligation to maintain and enhance library collections, staff, and technological infrastructure, in order to meet the primary teaching, learning and research needs of its students, faculty, staff, and other principal clientele. Each member library retains autonomy over its staff, operations, and budget. However, participation in CARLI requires collaboration and commitment to the Consortium. In consideration for membership in CARLI, the institution agrees:

  • To abide by the Bylaws of the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois and the common policies, protocols, rules and regulations adopted by the Consortium.
  • To assume and pay promptly any and all financial obligations arising from membership and participation in services offered through the Consortium.
  • To act in accordance with all terms and conditions of contractual agreements made by CARLI and its business and contractual agent, the University of Illinois, on behalf of member libraries, and to accept responsibility for the acts or omissions of its own employees related to such agreements.
  • To maintain physical facilities, collections of information resources, staff and library services adequate to meet the core needs of the institutions primary clientele.
  • To allow physical access to library facilities for the student, faculty and staff of other CARLI Governing member institutions without undue restrictions.
  • To freely and fairly share its information and library resources with the students, faculty and staff of other CARLI member institutions.
  • To maintain current awareness of CARLI programs, services, technologies, policies, and best practices, in order to meet the library’s responsibilities to its fellow Consortium members.
  • To play an active part in the Consortium, including the provision of consultation, advice and expertise to colleagues in other member libraries; support for staff participation in consortially provided forums, workshops, and continuing education opportunities; and support for appropriate staff to serve on CARLI committees, task forces and working groups.

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may lead to the imposition of sanctions or membership termination as specified in the Consortium’s Bylaws, and other legal actions arising from the member library’s contractual obligations with vendors and service providers as may be appropriate