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I-Share Policies

I-Share Resource Sharing Code

Cooperative Cataloging Policies for I-Share NEW June 2023

This document integrates and supersedes the Standards for Bibliographic Records in I-Share and Cooperative Cataloging Guidelines for I-Share Databases documents.

I-Share Liaisons Guide: Managing communications between your institution and CARLI 

I-Share Liaisons Guide: Maintaining institutional accountability for I-Share matters

I-Share Institution Identifiers (formerly I-Share Barcode Formats)

Choosing which ILL Policy governs Lost/Damaged Fines/Fees

I-Share Mandatory Fields for User Records in Alma

I-Share Support Information

Alma and Primo VE Known Issues

General Alma Troubleshooting and Problem Reporting

Institutional Email Lists for Ex Libris Customer Support Center

Alma Title Count Reduction Project

CARLI Alma Office Hours Recordings

Legacy Voyager Documentation

Uninstalling Oracle ODBC Drivers

Error 1722 appears on installing or uninstalling Voyager Clients

I-Share Annual Statistics Package

Alma & Primo VE Migration Project History and Milestones