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External System Integrations

This page contains links to Resources for Third Party Integrations with Alma.

Ex Libris Developer Network

Setting Up a Developer Network Account

Student Information Systems (SIS)

I-Share Mandatory Fields for Public User Records

Student Information System Integration Setup

SIS - Student Information Systems Specific Patron Extract Resources


Authentication options with Alma

OpenAthens and CARLI Libraries

Proxy Services

OpenAthens as a Proxy Redirector Service

Self-Check Systems

Self-Check Integration Testing

Google Scholar

Google Scholar and Alma


I-Share via Z39.50

CARLI Secure FTP Server

Transferring Data Files to and from the CARLI Servers using Secure FTP

What is in my FTP? An explanation of the files.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Any errors made to bibliographic, holdings, or authority records using any of MarcEdit are the responsibility of the library to correct locally. The CARLI Office will NOT restore any database because of errors made to records by imprudent or incorrect use of this tool. By installing and running MarcEdit, the library accepts this policy.

MarcEdit Development

MarcEdit is developed and maintained by Terry Reese, presently of Ohio State University. The program is available for download, free of charge.

MarcEdit Downloads