Strategic Priorities

The CARLI 2022 STRATEGIC PLAN outlines our organization’s aspirations and defines our understanding of the consortium’s focus. The strategic plan outlines our organization’s aspirations and defines our understanding of the consortium’s focus as we move towards the fifteenth anniversary of CARLI on July 1, 2020, and the fortieth anniversary of resource sharing among Illinois academic libraries in 2020. During this time, CARLI will be focused on providing excellence and leadership, and on providing services at scale when value can be achieved. 

I am grateful to all who have contributed to the development of this plan, including the CARLI Board of Directors and member library staff. Writing the plan was tremendously positive for the organization; the process allowed us to take time to discuss priorities and expectations, challenges and accomplishments, and to set our sights on how we would like CARLI to look in the future.

Anne Craig
CARLI Senior Director
December 9, 2019

CARLI 2022 Strategic Plan

Ensure adequate, secure, and stable funding for CARLI

  • Monitor impact of state and institutional funding on member libraries
  • Explore alternative funding opportunities
  • Prioritize CARLI operations in support of core services
  • Explore opportunities to collaborate with other states or academic library affiliated organizations

Enhance collaboration among libraries by identifying, nurturing, and supporting services and programs that can best be provided at scale

  • Provide mechanisms for group collaboration; identify and leverage model programs, initiatives, and ideas
  • Identify new services/programs that are scalable and replicable
  • Leverage the CARLI committee structure to assess and evaluate services and programs

Provide resources/services/tools for discovering and optimizing information resources and collections

  • Support members by focusing on the superior functioning of the CARLI portfolio of services and programs
  • Expand participation in I-Share
  • Facilitate and strengthen connections between member libraries
  • Leverage expertise of member libraries
  • Seek grants that fund innovation and new services

Establish and communicate the value proposition for academic and research libraries in Illinois

  • Connect CARLI and member library programs and services to student outcomes such as retention and completion
  • Document the value that CARLI creates; articulate to policymakers and legislators how CARLI provides value to the State of Illinois and why it is a good investment of taxpayer dollars

Encourage innovation in skills, services, and programs, in all aspects of CARLI libraries

  • Encourage member libraries to think innovatively about serving students, faculty and the university’s community as a whole
  • Connect institutions that have similar interests/needs by providing opportunities for interaction and collaboration

CARLI 2020 Priorities/Goals/Actions (original document)

Revised December 6, 2019