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CARLI has purchased OpenAthens from EBSCO for Governing Member libraries through June 30, 2023 to assist libraries in establishing single sign-on service for Alma, Primo VE and electronic resources. There will be no charges assessed to members using Open Athens until after this initial three-year period. 

I-Share libraries are not required to use OpenAthens if they have another service in place that can manage their Alma and Primo VE signons.

Please review the resources linked from this page as you make your decision on whether to implement OpenAthens of not. 

Opting IN to OpenAthens

CARLI libraries that will be implementing Open Athens will need to complete questionnaires for EBSCO. You may opt to use OpenAthens only for Alma and PrimoVE or for Alma and PrimoVE and your licensed e-resources. The Phase 1 questionnaire is for Alma and Primo VE (only), the Phase 2 questionnaire covers using OpenAthens for e-resources.

Phase 1 questionnaire –  This form covers setting up Open Athens for Alma and Primo VE (only). Submitting this questionnaire will prompt EBSCO’s Implementation team to reach out to your library to begin your implementation.

Phase 1 questionnaire as a PDF file (for your review only, please complete the online form above to begin your Phase 1 implementation.

Phase 2 questionnaire This form covers setting up Open Athens for your electronic resources. This work will be typically be completed after Phase 1 is finished unless other scheduling arrangements are made between the library, CARLI, and EBSCO.

Phase 2 questionnaire as a PDF file (for your review only, please complete the online form above to begin your Phase 2 implementation.

About Open Athens


EBSCO OpenAthens Webinar

 (1hr 9 min)

Overview of OpenAthens

 February 19, 2021 (1hr 0 min 24sec)

Kickoff webinar, January 29, 2020:

Webinar recording (41min 2sec)
(Please note that due to a WebEx technical problem, the live webinar recording was not usable. This is a re-recording of the same presentation, but without the participant questions.)

Webinar slides (PDF)

Phase 2 webinar, April 15, 2020

Webinar recording (1hr 27min 37sec)

Webinar slides (PDF)

Other OpenAthens Resources

OpenAthens Onboarding Guide, a “users’ manual” for the implementation process and beyond. Reference this guide for the step-by-step setup process, information you will need to gather, tips for communicating changes to library stakeholders, and much more.

FAQs for IT, a doc that’s designed to answer initial questions from IT regarding IdP connection and beyond

Communication to library patrons, to help identify ways to market the upcoming transition to faculty, staff, and students

OpenAthens Security Guide

Security and Privacy FAQs

IP proxy and OpenAthens: a comparison

Types of accounts used in OpenAthens; see also creating personal accounts, access accounts within OpenAthens

OpenAthens usage reports

About usage reports and privacy

The library's control over attribute release

OpenAthens Training Materials​

OpenAthens Virtual Learning Environment, self-led courses on OpenAthens Administration, the product, and beyond. 

EBSCO Customer Engagement online training schedule