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Revised: September 11, 2023


CARLI purchased OpenAthens from EBSCO for Governing Member libraries from 2020 through June 30, 2023 to assist libraries in establishing single sign-on service for Alma, Primo VE, and electronic resources. No charges were assessed to members using Open Athens during the initial three-year period. 

CARLI member libraries that wish to continue to subscribe to OpenAthens directly for FY24 (July 1, 2023  -June 30, 2024) and future fiscal years will need to choose that option in the CARLI Selection System during the Spring Cycle each year. For more information on how to do this, see OpenAthens options in the CARLI Selection System.

On January 13, 2023, all Governing Directors and OpenAthens Contacts were sent pricing for FY24 and FY25 should their institution choose to continue using OpenAthens.  If your institution needs this pricing information again, please contact to request it.

OpenAthens Resources and Documentation

CARLI member libraries can submit a support request for help with OpenAthens through the EBSCO Connect portal.  If you do not have an EBSCO Connect account, you can request one on the left of the login page.

OpenAthens Onboarding Guide, a "users’ manual" for the implementation process and beyond. Reference this guide for the step-by-step setup process, information you will need to gather, tips for communicating changes to library stakeholders, and much more.

FAQs for IT, a doc that’s designed to answer initial questions from IT regarding IdP connection and beyond

Communication to library patrons, to help identify ways to market the upcoming transition to faculty, staff, and students

OpenAthens Security Guide

Security and Privacy FAQs

IP proxy and OpenAthens: a comparison

Types of accounts used in OpenAthens; see also creating personal accounts, access accounts within OpenAthens

OpenAthens usage reports

About usage reports and privacy

The library's control over attribute release

CARLI documentation on How to configure OpenAthens as a Proxy Redirector in Alma

Open Athens Health Check document from EBSCO (NEW 6/28/2022)

OpenAthens new password policy FAQ (NEW 8/8/2022) - OpenAthens is strengthening password requirements over the second half of 2022. Beginning August 15, 2022, users will be required to have passwords with at least 10 characters and must meet a minimum complexity level.

OpenAthens Training Materials

Recording of the OpenAthens Administration Training by EBSCO's Jaime Barrilleaux on 11/9/2022 - Passcode:  m3aL5W.A (NEW 11/11/2022)

Recording of OpenAthens Administration Training by EBSCO's Jaime Barrilleaux on 11/29/2022 - Passcode: F4q2cg6? (NEW 11/30/2022)

Do-it-Yourself Health Check for OpenAthens E-Learning Course (NEW 7/26/2022) - This 31-minute video course from the EBSCO training team walks you through the key maintenance areas step-by-step and provides a checklist to guide you.  Sign in with your EBSCO Connect account to get started, or request a free account from EBSCO, if needed.

OpenAthens Virtual Learning Environment - Created by OpenAthens staff, sign in with your OpenAthens admin credentials to view a selection of self-paced courses that will help you learn how to use the features and functions of OpenAthens

EBSCO Academy - Training videos, articles, and upcoming classes about OpenAthens (and other EBSCO products/services).

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EBSCO OpenAthens Webinar

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Overview of OpenAthens

 February 19, 2021 (1hr 0 min 24sec)