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CARLI has purchased EBSCO OpenAthens for Governing Member libraries through June 30, 2023 to assist in establishing single sign-on service.  

I-Share libraries will not be required to use OpenAthens but we encourage you to watch the kickoff webinar to learn about OpenAthens and help you decide whether it would be a good fit for your institution. Please review EBSCO’s online questionnaire for CARLI Governing Member libraries using OpenAthens. This will need to be completed once you decide that you will use OpenAthens.

CARLI staff will be following up with I-Share libraries to make sure we know which institutions are planning to use OpenAthens when we go live on Alma and Primo VE on June 24.  

If you decide to use a service other than OpenAthens, we will provide you an Ex Libris Authentication Setup Form to complete. If you are using OpenAthens, EBSCO will complete this form on your behalf.

Kickoff Webinar

CARLI and EBSCO hosted an Open Athens kickoff webinar on January 29, 2020. A recording of the webinar, the Open Athens implementation surveys, and the reference materials mentioned during that webinar are linked from this page.

Webinar recording (41min 2sec):
(Please note that due to a WebEx technical problem, the live webinar recording was not usable. This is a re-recording of the same presentation, but without the participant questions.)

Webinar slides

Questionnaires to be completed by CARLI I-Share libraries

CARLI libraries that will be implementing Open Athens will need to complete these two questionnaires. Please complete the Phase 1 questionnaire to indicate your interest in moving forward with Open Athens. EBSCO will then begin work with your institution.

Information about the OpenAthens implementation process

Outline of the phased implementation process for CARLI I-Share libraries’ OpenAthens migration

About OpenAthens

Open Athens Training Materials​