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CARLI works to meet the diverse information need of faculty, students and other library patrons in Illinois by encouraging cooperative library activity in order the make the best use of all available resources.

The public services resources were developed by members of CARLI libraries, for all CARLI libraries. These resources discuss the topics which bring library staff into direct contact with their patrons, including circulation, reference, online and physical spaces and services, instruction and resource sharing.


Click the heading above for the full page. Whether your library calls it instruction, BI, information literacy training, one-shots, library orientation, or user education, this is where you can look for resources created by and for your CARLI colleagues. Resources include handouts from forums, best practices, documentation, and webinar recordings applicable to matters of Library Instruction.

Resource Sharing

Click the heading above for the full page. As the adage goes, [Resource] Sharing is caring. Both libraries and their patrons benefit from the sharing of collections, knowledge, and expertise. While the term Resource Sharing can be used to encompass the sharing of many resources, this documentation focuses primarily on the sharing of collections, both within the I-Share system and beyond. I-Share/Voyager-specific documentation is also available.​

Other Topics

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