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Oops! The Pandemic Made Me Do It Again: Digital Displays and Escape Rooms

On April 23rd, the CARLI Public Services Committee hosted a session about how two members engaged with their students online during 2020-2021.

Digital Displays

Amy Chellino from Joliet Junior College presented how she and her colleagues transformed their physical displays into digital alternatives with their Take Five programming. The Take Five Digital Displays are developed by theme and that uses five categories to showcase five library and online resources for the theme.

Amy’s Prezi presentation, “Take Your Displays Online with Take 5,” is available online HERE.

Online Escape Rooms

Leslie Starasta from Lincoln Christian University shared how her library transformed their new student orientation from an in-person program into an interactive online escape room. She noted that Ellyssa Kroski’s article, “How to Create Free Digital Breakouts for Libraries,” in ALA’s Library Technology Reports, was very helpful in developing the new programming.

Here is Lincoln Christian University’s online escape room, “Ticket to Discovery: Library Orientation”. And her presentation slides are available online HERE.


Kroski, E. (2020). How to Create Free Digital Breakouts for Libraries. Library Technology Reports, 56(3), 1–31. Available online: