What is I-Share?

The I-Share integrated library system serves as the online public catalog for 89 CARLI member libraries. I-Share provides participating libraries with an online catalog of their own collection as well as a merged, union catalog of the holdings of all I-Share libraries and supports resource sharing among participating libraries. I-Share also supports library collection management functions including circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, serials control, course reserves and reporting. I-Share runs on the Alma and Primo VE platform from Ex Libris Group.

What's New with I-Share? Alma & Primo VE

Ex Libris Alma replaced Voyager and SFX in June 2020 for the 89 institutions that are part of CARLI’s I-Share resource sharing system.

Ex Libris Press Release, January 28, 2019
CARLI Announcement to Members, October 17, 2018

Benefits of I-Share Participation


I-Share library patrons may locate and borrow items from other I-Share libraries when those items are not available at their local library. Requested items are sent from the lending library to the borrower's library. I-Share’s reciprocal borrowing policy also allows patrons who are registered borrowers at an I-Share library to visit any other I-Share library and borrow items onsite.


The I-Share database contains over 15 million unique bibliographic records and 38.17 million item records, representing the holdings of 89 CARLI I-Share member institutions. The combination of this enormous consortial collection with I-Share’s resource sharing services gives I-Share library patrons ready access to a collection that ranks among the world’s greatest research libraries.


The I-Share Union Catalog and the local catalogs are all accessible to the public. No login is required to search and view, however a valid ID from an I-Share library is required to borrow items. 


The I-Share community works together with the CARLI staff to provide a wide range of opportunities to learn from each other through best practice documents, educational programming, user forums and topical email lists, training materials, and more. 


CARLI holds training sessions for library staff on the various Voyager modules, plans user forums and other educational programming related to I-Share and resource sharing, and provides Voyager documentation. Information about upcoming training sessions and events is available from the CARLI calendar, and from the various topical I-Share email lists.


CARLI staff maintain the servers that house all participating I-Share libraries' data; manage software upgrades; run routine Voyager maintenance scripts to handle bulk loading of records, creation of circulation notices and reports; provide extensive training and support for librarians using the system; and manage the contracts and payments to the vendors.


In addition to the main production version of I-Share and a remote backup for disaster recovery, CARLI maintains additional servers for testing, training and running reports


Libraries participating in I-Share experience significant savings on their catalog/library management systems, when compared with the costs the library would incur to provide the same level of service and automation on their own.

I-Share Participation Agreement

Libraries Interested in Becoming an I-Share Library


Libraries interested in participating in I-Share must be a CARLI governing member, and must be willing to abide by the terms of the I-Share participation agreement and the CARLI I-Share resource sharing policies, including providing access to their circulating collections to patrons of other I-Share libraries, promptly filling requests, and maintaining current and accurate catalog and borrower information.

Libraries seeking to participate in I-Share must complete an I-Share application form providing information about their collection size, current automation status, and the ways their library expects to contribute to, and benefit from participation in I-Share. Participation in I-Share is granted at the discretion of the CARLI Board of Directors.


The CARLI Board regularly reviews the status of I-Share to determine whether new libraries will be considered for upcoming fiscal years. Libraries interested in applying to be an I-Share participant should to the CARLI Office.


One-time Costs

One-time costs cover fees that will be paid to the vendor to extend CARLI’s Voyager software license to cover the new institution, and to cover the costs of migrating current catalog data to I-Share.

The software license fee is based on the library's collection size. The Voyager data migration fee covers the cost of migrating bibliographic, holding, item, circulation status, and patron records. These costs are based on the number and type of records being migrated.

Ongoing Costs

Ongoing costs cover the library’s annual Governing Membership fee membership fee and an annual I-Share assessment fee determined by the CARLI Board.  I-Share libraries are responsible for the costs of sending their staff to I-Share training and continuing education events as needed.

I-Share libraries are also responsible for providing and maintaining the PCs that library staff and patrons use to connect to I-Share, for providing an adequate number of barcode scanners and printers to support staff activity at circulation points and in technical services, and an adequate network connection to I-Share.

For more information, to obtain a cost estimate, or to express interest in participating in I-Share, .