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Alma/Primo VE Known Issues

Updated: September 19, 2022

General Alma Troubleshooting and Problem Reporting

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If a local I-Share library has full text access to an electronic title, Primo VE will not provide the I-Share request link for a user to request the physical copy of the title from an I-Share library, even when it displays information about physical copies at those libraries. This is not CARLI’s preferred behavior; we'd prefer that Primo VE provide the I-Share request link for the physical copy and I-Share libraries could choose to hide it using a Display Logic Rule. The current workaround for this issue is for library staff to place the request for the user in Alma for the physical copy at another I-Share library.

New functionality availability in the August 2022 software release for Alma may help to alleviate this requesting issue. CARLI staff and the Resource Sharing Committee are in the process of testing of this feature. Watch for more information coming soon.

Users on Mac computers may have issues with hidden .DS_store files being added to their customization packages. These hidden .DS_store files will prevent successful upload of the customization package in Alma.

To zip and also remove the .DS_store files from a customization package on a Mac:

  • Open the Mac's Terminal application under Applications > Utilities.
  • Move to the parent directory of the folder that you want to compress. For example:
    cd /Users/<user name>/<parent folder>
  • Enter the following command to compress the file and remove any .DS_store files within:
    zip –r <target file>.zip <My_View> -x "*.DS_Store"

Your users may see a change in Primo VE request behavior, see the “Notice for library staff” section below.
No configuration changes need to be completed by your institution; CARLI staff have made the configuration changes described below.

Reported issue:
Following the February Alma/Primo VE update, there was an increase in patron I-Share requests being automatically cancelled, when copies of the title should have been available to request.

The problem was caused by a change to how the Primo VE Resource Sharing Request form is pre-populating the “Preferred Local Pickup Location” field:

  • If an institution has more than one pick-up location for patron requests, the default pickup location that is set in Alma was not always prepopulating the box on the form in Primo VE like it used to. Users were able to submit requests without this necessary information; these patron requests were automatically cancelled by Alma.
  • If an institution only has one Local Pickup Location, that pick-up location is correctly prepopulating the Preferred Local Pickup Location form as expected. These patron requests were not affected as they contained the correct pick-up location information.

Configuration changes:
As a workaround to this issue, CARLI staff have updated all Resource Sharing Request forms for all I-Share institutions to make the “Preferred Local Pickup Location” be a mandatory field.
This will prevent patrons from inadvertently submitting requests with this field blank.

We have ticket 06286754 open with Ex Libris for investigation into why the default pick-up location field no longer pre-populates with the default pick-up location. A fix is anticipated by December 2022.

Notice for library staff:
Due to the workaround in place, if an I-Share patron is choosing to pick up their requests at an I-Share library that is not their home library, they may now be prompted to also set a “Preferred Local Pickup Location” in the request form.

This may cause confusion as the “Preferred Local Pickup Location” field contains the list of circulation desks at their home institution, not at their desired pick-up institution.
However, selecting the “Preferred Local Pickup Location” at their home institution will not affect their request; the requested item will still be delivered to their chosen I-Share institution.

Problem: Although signed-in Primo VE users can add tags to items, if a user clicks on the tag link on the Full Details page for an item or if they click the link for a tag on the tags list via the Tags link in the Links Menu, a search for the term will run but no results will be provided.

At this time, Ex Libris does not provide the tag functionality for consortial users. CARLI recommends libraries turn tags off/do not enable the tag function. Directions on how to turn the tag function off can be found on the following page: Tags in Primo VE.

Problem: Primo VE-generated APA citations are omitting the author’s first initial for records with single authors/creators and the first initial of the first author for records with multiple authors/creators. For example,
instead of:
Payne, S. G., Sorkin, D. J., & Tortorice, J. S. (2004). What history tells George L. Mosse and the culture of modern Europe . University of Wisconsin Press.
the generated citation is:
Payne, Sorkin, D. J., & Tortorice, J. S. (2004). What history tells George L. Mosse and the culture of modern Europe . University of Wisconsin Press.

CARLI has opened Case 06044300 with Ex Libris. Ex Libris is aware of this problem, and it is affecting all customers. This issue dependent on citation style language (CSL) files which are controlled by a third party. Ex Libris staff are working with those developers to get this addressed.

Problem: In the Citation action in Primo VE, the default label says "APA (6th edition)" but the version is actually the 7th edition of APA.

Primo VE is designed to always use the most recent edition of APA that is available, but the label itself is not updated automatically.  I-Share libraries can correct this display label by changing it from APA (6th edition) to APA (7th edition) in: Alma Configuration > Discovery > Other > Citation Styles > Edit "apa" and change the Label from "APA (6th edition)" to "APA (7th edition)".

We have also learned that this is a problem for all Citations provided in out-of-the-box Primo VE. The most recent version of the citation format is always being used by default, but the label is not automatically updated to reflect the current edition name.  The label must be changed manually in Alma Configuration > Discovery > Other > Citation Styles.  For more information on how to adjust these labels or add new citation styles, see the May 12, 2022 CARLI Alma Primo VE Office Hours "Lab Reports" where there was a session on citations!

Problem: When a user logs into My Library Card through Primo VE, not all the user's loans or requests from all I-Share libraries are listed on one page. The user must click through each institution name to see the loans and requests from that specific library. Many users would like to see all their loans or requests--no matter which institution they are from--listed on one page.

Currently, there is no way to customize the My Library Card to change this behavior; the default is the only option for displaying loans and requests. There is an Ex Libris Idea Exchange topic that requests better design of the My Library Card page, specifically so users can see all their loans/requests from all institutions one one page. Vote and comment on this Idea Exchange topic at:

 As a stopgap measure, please also consider voting for and commenting on this Idea Exchange enhancement requesting that the "Has Activity" toggle on the Institutions list be set as the default.

The report from the Fulfillment Job "Loans - Overdue and Lost Item" does not accurately report the number of "Loans Which Notification Was Sent For - by Profile" for Lost profiles.

The notifications do generate/send, but the job report does not include the numbers; even when users are sent a notification letter for a lost profile, the report always lists the "Number succeeded" and the "Number failed" as zero for the lost profiles.

CARLI Office staff filed SalesForce case #00976173; it is under investigation by Ex Libris.


Staff can review the area of the report for "Change to Lost - by Profile" and review the list of succeeded or failed status changes. From those lists, staff can review the associated user's Attachments tab to double-check that the letter was sent to the user.