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Alma/Primo VE Known Issues

Created: 9/17/2020; Updated: 10/22/2020

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The Network Activity Tab in the "Manage Patron Services" patron account in Alma can be set to display items in sets of 10, 20, or 50.

If a patron has more items checked out than the current view count (For instance, if the patron has 25 I-Share/AFN items, but the page view is set to "results per page 20"), Alma will continue to display the same titles show on the first page on all subsequent pages of results.

CARLI has a Case with Ex Libris about this, #00890324.

Some I-Share libraries have reported that Primo VE will slow down significantly, crash, or behave erratically in Firefox after clicking through several pages of "load more results" in the brief results list. This behavior does not appear to happen in Chrome or other browsers and appears to happen most often on Windows 10 machines.

CARLI has a Case 00884981 with Ex Libris and it is a known defect that the development team is working on.

Some I-Share libraries are currently closed to the public for in-person access (Library A), but are willing to allow another I-Share library's patrons (Library B) to request their materials for pick-up at another I-Share library (Library B or Library C).

  • If Library A is allowing local requesting of their own materials for their own Library A patrons, it is not possible to prevent Library A from showing in PrimoVE as a pick-up location for other I-Share libraries' patrons.
    • If Library A is NOT allowing local requesting of their own materials for their own Library A patrons, turning off all circ desk hold shelves will fully remove an institution from the list of pick-up locations visible in Primo VE.
  • Ex Libris Support has confirmed there is currently no way to turn prevent Library A from being allowed as a pick-up location.

Please vote and comment on this Idea Exchange for this topic.

After running the "Change Bulk Due Date" job for all I-Share libraries (for all I-Share patrons, and for local patrons at the discretion of the library) as part of the Proposal on Alma Bulk Due Date Extension Approved by CARLI Board of Directors, the CARLI Office has received a few reports from library staff that some eligible transactions may not have had their due dates updated.

CARLI Staff have sent an email to the Alma-L email list to see if others have experienced this issue, and are compiling notes to submit to Ex Libris for investigation.

Current workarounds:

  • Contact with information about the patron and the items that were not renewed. We can evaluate whether renewal was anticipated based on the Bulk Due Date change jobs that we ran as part of the project, and rerun the jobs as needed.

Alma does not support opening multiple copies of the User Details screen. When the User Details screen is open in one browser tab or window, and another tab contains either the User Details tab or the Register New User screen, clicking save on the edited or newly created user will also save changes over the user in the other tab. CARLI staff have observed this activity in cases where a library staff member opened their own user details screen for reference while also creating or editing a new user in another tab.

Current workarounds:

  • Library staff should create a screen capture or a reference sheet of user details that are needed.
  • If staff need to have multiple screens of the same type open, use different browsers for additional instances, or use a browser's privacy or "in cognito" modes to keep the sessions separate.

Alma Link Resolver screens in Primo VE are slow to respond. When searching in external electronic resources, a user will click an openURL link to find the item availability in Alma. The response time of the link resolver page takes 10+ seconds to load and the View It section with links to content may take additional time to load.

  • Current Activity:
    • CARLI has opened a case with Ex Libris (Case 00856824) to address slow response time in the link resolver.
    • Ex Libris released updates to Alma and Primo VE with the August 9 system update that improved response time for electronic resource and holdings display data.
    • Ex Libris released additional updates in the September 13 system update to address link resolver responsiveness.
    • Ex Libris plans additional updates for the November monthly release.
    • I-Share Library staff may contribute additional reports on response time issues via the I-Share Response Time Reporting form.

CARLI has activated a number of consortial full-text electronic resources in our Network Zone because they are purchased by CARLI for all of our I-Share member libraries. These resources correctly display in search results of Library Catalog searches (IZ) and search results of All I-Share Libraries searches (NZ+IZ). However, if the “Available online” facet is used on search results that include NZ-activated resources, they are being removed from the results list in Primo VE. CARLI has opened Case 00878507.

CARLI has opened Case 00880893 after investigating several reports of incomplete Primo VE displays from CARLI I-Share institutions:

  • Available Online (electronic) links that appear in search results and then disappear in full record views
    • This issue has been transferred to two new Cases:
      • 00886279; Ex Libris scheduled fix for November release 2020.
      • 00888926; Ex Libris scheduled fix for December release 2020.
  • Physical Items that don’t display in the Get It holdings area when they do exist
    • This issue has been transferred to a new Case 00886282;  Ex Libris acknowledges that this is a defect. Ex Libris scheduled fix for December release 2020.
  • Records for known physical holdings at other I-Share institutions not displaying in the results All I-Share Library searches, Case 00880893
    • Ex Libris reports that when an IZ has electronic inventory, Primo VE is working as designed to not display physical inventory from other IZs in Network search results.  Please consider voting for this Idea Exchange to let Ex Libris know that we would prefer Primo VE to display physical inventory at other institutions even when the local IZ has electronic inventory.

Primo VE's My Library Card display lists items checked out or requested from different I-Share institutions separately under a tab for each institution on the left-hand side. There is currently no way to collapse these or to see a unified list of all items a user has, and this is a significant change from what users were accustomed to on VuFind's My Account page.  If you would like to let Ex Libris know that this functionality is not ideal for consortia, please vote for this Idea Exchange idea.

On the local Request form generated by the Request link at the "item level", the Pickup Institution list is still in no discernible order, and the local institution is at the very bottom of the list. Case 00833538. Update as of 9/23/2020: the local Request form generated by the Request link at the "holdings level" has been fixed and the institutions are in alphabetical order with the users home institution at the top. Update as of 10/19/2020: the unordered list of institutions from "item level requests will be fixed in the December 2020 release."

Primo VE will allow a patron to place an I-Share request for a title, even if no I-Share library can fulfill that request; Alma then updates the request to "Canceled" and notifies the requesting patron via email. (originally posted on Fulfillment pages 7/15/2020)

On the I-Share Request Form in Primo VE, the "Preferred Local Pickup Location" and "Preferred Pickup Institution" of the user's home library are displayed. If the user chooses a different Institution from the list, then the "Preferred Pickup Location" appears beneath the Institution for the user to choose the location at that other Institution. (originally posted 8/24/2020 on Fulfillment pages)

  • If the user chooses a different Institution, the "Preferred Local Pickup Location" field does continue to display above the Institution, but, the "Preferred Pickup Institution" field controls where the item will be sent.
  • At this time, we do not have a way to make the "Preferred Local Pickup Location" disappear if the user chooses a different Institution that is not the user's home Institution.  As such, you'll want to educate your users about how to use the request forms with this in mind.
  • This is the same for the "Resource Sharing Request" form used by staff in Alma to place a request on behalf of a patron.

When entering or scanning a barcode results in an incomplete barcode number, items at other institutions may be charged to a patron.

  • Some I-Share institutions use sequential barcodes that are unique within the institution only.
  • The Automated Fulfillment Network is able to identify any item across the network by its barcode.
  • If a library scans a barcode, but the scan misses some of the digits--e.g., only the numbers after the library's prefix, or only the last four digits--if the entered number matches an item barcode in the network, that item will be charged.
  • Current Workarounds:
    • When scanning items in the Manage Patron Services screen, if a different item is charged than the item in hand, get the barcode from the screen, and discharge it on the return items screen. Contact the library whose barcode it was errantly scanned to let them know the item is now "in transit" back to their institution.
    • Consider asking systems staff to program barcode scanners to not automatically include a carriage return. Have circulation staff visually compare the barcode entered to the barcode scanned before clicking the OK button.

We are receiving reports that some patrons' requests are being automatically canceled, when there are consortial copies of the title that should be requestable. (originally posted 9/3/2020 on Fulfillment page)

  • "Should be" requestable entails:
    • The patron belongs to an I-Share-eligible user group, has future dates in their record and an active patron role, has a mailing address set as primary, has no blocks or other such factors in effect.
    • Another I-Share institution that is fully participating in the AFN (has AFN enabled for lending/borrowing) has a copy of the title in a requestable location, with a requestable item type, in a requestable item status; using the Fulfillment Configuration Utility for the patron and the item retrieves lendable/requestable TOU.
  • CARLI has a support ticket open with Ex Libris about this, #00876477.
    • Current workarounds:
      • When patrons notify staff of a request they are unable to place, staff can place the request for the patron through Alma following the directions available on the How To: Staff workflows for Alma Requests- Local and AFN page, under the header "Staff Workflow for Placing Requests on Behalf of a Patron."

After some of our institutions convert local requests they are unable to fill into I-Share/AFN requests using the Pick from Shelf List's "Convert to Resource Sharing" functionality, for many of those requests, while they are technically converted to Resource Sharing Borrowing Requests, they are not being sent to the other consortial members; they're getting stuck in a "Ready to be sent" request status.

  • CARLI has a support ticket open with Ex Libris about this, #00876528.
  • Current workarounds:
    • When staff notice a request is in the "Waiting to be Sent status", staff can place the request for the patron through Alma following the directions available on the How To: Staff workflows for Alma Requests- Local and AFN page, under the header "Staff Workflow for Placing Requests on Behalf of a Patron."
    • Staff can then cancel the request that was "Waiting to be sent."

Unfortunately, when a patron whose home library is not yours requests to pick up material from another I-Share library at your institution, Alma does not display which institution they belong to.

  • We have an Idea Exchange enhancement request for this issue, but it needs more support before it may be considered for development:
    • Any library staff member can set up an Idea Exchange account to submit ideas for development, vote on ideas already submitted, and add comments to give an idea more weight. Please consider creating an account and voting/commenting on this issue.
  • Workflows:
    • The patron should receive an "on hold" letter from the item's library when you scan it in for hold. Then when the patron arrives to check out the item, they should have their ID with them to let you know which institution they belong to.
      • Steps for checking out material to a patron from another I-Share library are on the How To: Fulfillment in Alma page under the section "How to bring up a patron record and check items out."
    • If you're doing contact-less pickup and need to check the item out to the patron before they arrive, unfortunately, the only way to know which patron has requested the item is to contact the item's library.
      • The item's home library can search for the item by barcode, and then select the "Requests" indicator to see the requesting patron's information.
        Screenshot shows an example item retrieved by barcode in the item's home library using a Physical Items search. The field "Requests" is highlighted to show that is what to select for the item's home library to locate the requesting patron.

When a user from one I-Share institution borrows or requests material from another I-Share institution, Alma copies some details in the user record from the patron's home library to the other I-Share library. That copy is called a "linked user record"; in Voyager, we called it a "stub."

  • The linked user record is "refreshed" with a new copy from the patron's home institution when specific scenarios occur:
    • Library staff to do a Fulfillment> Manage Patron Services> Find user in other institution re-import/re-save of the patron's home record.
    • If the user places another request for another item from the institution where the linked user record is saved.
    • Currently, renewals do NOT refresh the patron's linked user record.
  • CARLI is investigating automated methods for refreshing user records.
  • Please vote on this Idea Exchange for this topic.

When library staff want to cancel a patron's AFN request from the patron's home user record in Alma, the first time they cancel the request, they receive an error message. Then the second time they select to cancel the request, the cancellation request goes through. CARLI has a support ticket open with Ex Libris about this, #00862035. (originally posted 9/3/2020 on Fulfillment page)

  • Current workarounds:
    • Staff need to cancel the request twice.

When an incoming AFN item is set as magnetic, not possible to print "on hold" letter. (related ExL support tickets: 00825657 & 00876385). Since quick print is not offered for incoming AFN materials (see known issue below), if the item is set as magnetic, the letter is not able to be printed even using the ellipse> print slip work around; the staff receive a "Print Slip failed" error. CARLI has a support ticket open with Ex Libris about this, #00876402. (originally posted 9/3/2020 on Fulfillment page)

When incoming AFN materials are scanned in for Hold, Alma does not provide library staff the option to quick-print the letter (related ExL support ticket: 00825657; see known issue below). Instead, staff must use the ellipse button for each scanned in item, and then select "Print slip". CARLI has a support ticket open with Ex Libris about this, #00876385. (originally posted 9/3/2020 on Fulfillment page)

For AFN items on the Hold Shelf, Alma is printing the "Resource Request Slip" aka, Pick from Shelf Slip, instead of the Hold Slip for staff use; CARLI has a support ticket open with Ex Libris about this, #00825657. Ex Libris scheduled fix for November release 2020. (originally posted 8/2020 on Fulfillment page)

For AFN requested materials, the "delay for hold notification" period is not currently being considered; CARLI has a support ticket open with Ex Libris about this, #00834284. Ex Libris scheduled fix for January 2021. (originally posted 8/2020 on Fulfillment page)

Consistently, when an I-Share item is on the hold shelf for a patron, and then the item is checked out to the patron, when library staff click the "Done" button to generate the Due Date letter, they receive an error and the letter is not generated. CARLI has a support ticket open with Ex Libris about this, #00831538. Ex Libris scheduled fix for December release 2020. (originally posted 8/2020 on Fulfillment page)
Screenshot shows one of the error messages that staff receive when selecting the "Done" button after checking out I-Share/AFN materials to patrons.

  • Materials to be returned to Robert Morris University (RMC) can be returned to Roosevelt University (ROU).
  • Materials to be returned to MacMurray College (MMC) can be returned to the Illinois State Library (ISL).