Membership Categories & Fees

Eligibility for Membership

CARLI membership is open to all institutions that are recognized by the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) and that are an ILLINET member. Governing member institutions must be not-for-profit, and must be incorporated in Illinois. Affiliate member institutions may be for-profit or not-for-profit institutions that are incorporated in Illinois OR out-of-state institutions recognized by the IBHE, with a physical presence in Illinois. Each CARLI member library member must demonstrate the ability to meet the core needs of its students, faculty and staff and must willing to participate actively in the resource sharing mission of the consortium.

Other academic or research institutions that have a similar academic or research mission and the potential to contribute to the advancement of CARLI and its members, but don’t meet these criteria may petition the CARLI Board for membership by submitting the Membership Questionnaire and Application. Member libraries that serve for-profit academic institutions may be contractually excluded from products and services offered by and through CARLI.

Each member library retains autonomy over its staff, operations, and budget. However, participation in CARLI requires collaboration and commitment to the Consortium.

Membership Categories

CARLI offers 2 categories of membership each with different entitlements and responsibilities:

Governing Membership

Governing members are eligible to participate in all CARLI products, services, and programs, at fullest level of central support and may participate in all CARLI committees, task forces, and user groups. Governing members receive ILDS delivery service at no cost, and receive priority status on waiting lists to join I-Share and other premium services. Each Governing Member institution has a vote in the governance of the consortium. Governing members pay an annual fee calculated by student FTE enrollment and institution type. Annual membership fees range from a minimum of $2,092 to a maximum of $15,450 for FY23.

Participation in I-Share, while limited to Governing members, requires a separate application process and institutions must meet additional criteria beyond those required for Governing membership. Participation in I-Share is granted at the discretion of the CARLI Board of Directors and is neither guaranteed nor implied by an institution’s CARLI Governing Member status. In addition to Governing membership fees, I-Share participants incur one-time costs and ongoing costs.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Members are eligible to participate in CARLI email discussion lists and may attend CARLI workshops, training events and forums. Affiliate Members pay a $752 annual membership fee for FY23.

CARLI Membership Fees FY 2023-Fy2027