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Alma Sandbox Information


I-Share Libraries have access to several Alma/Primo VE Premium Sandboxes, which library staff may use for training staff and student workers and for testing configurations and integrations. Each premium sandbox is copied from the live data of existing members as of August 13, 2023, with all user data being anonymized to protect user privacy.

A full list of account names, passwords, and access URLs is posted in each library's folder on check the XXX Credentials subfolder (where XXX is your CARLI library code) for the file named "Alma Primo VE Sandbox Information for CARLI Libraries.docx." I-Share Liaisons should have access to this Box folder; Liaisons may share this document in your institution with others who would like to use the sandbox. 

Each premium sandbox is pre-configured with a connection to CARLI's secure FTP server, which allows libraries to test import and export processes. See the "Alma Primo VE Sandbox Information for CARLI Libraries.docx," mentioned above, for credentials.

Premium sandboxes are refreshed twice per year, in February and August. Check Ex Libris' Release and Maintenance Schedule to confirm the dates.

Sandbox Links

CARLI Sandbox 1 Alma (DPU) CARLI Sandbox 1 Primo VE (DPU)
CARLI Sandbox 2 Alma (KNX) CARLI Sandbox 2 Primo VE (KNX)
CARLI Sandbox 3 Alma (UIU) CARLI Sandbox 3 Primo VE (UIU)
CARLI Sandbox 4 Alma (UIC) CARLI Sandbox 4 Primo VE (UIC)
CARLI Sandbox 5 Alma (UIS) CARLI Sandbox 5 Primo VE (UIS)

All I-Share libraries and CARLI office staff may simultaneously share these sandboxes. Library staff from all libraries may perform testing in any of the sandboxes. Be aware that others may be testing at the same time and in the same areas as you are. 

Best Practices

  1. You are free to create your own examples (with the exception of staff users, please see #3 below).
  2. Do not delete anything you did not create. Preserve all existing training examples and configurations.
  3. CARLI has provided a set of generic staff users with various role configurations.  More than one person can be logged in to a sandbox via the same staff user name at the same time. Please do not change the passwords or roles for these logins. 
  4. The Analytics module is not available for sandboxes. 
  5. The sandboxes are not intended for load testing and have size limits and restrictions. You may perform data imports, but please limit the size of these files to a set of records that you can review for quality assurance. A good rule of thumb is to test 1 record, then 10. If needed, then load more but keep the size under 100.
  6. The premium sandboxes are configured to block outgoing email by default. If you will be testing letters in the sandbox, you may configure allowed email addresses in the configuration area (Configuration > General > External Systems: Allowed Emails). Be sure to use only email addresses for library staff members in place of users' real addresses.
  7. The premium sandboxes are configured to block secure ftp by default, except for connections to the CARLI secure ftp server. If you will be testing integrations with external systems, such as vendor ftp accounts (for EDI or MARC import profiles) or campus systems (finance and SIS), you may configure allowed sftp conenctions in the configuration area (Configuration > General > External Systems: Allowed S/FTP Connections).
  8. If you encounter an error while using the sandboxes, contact with a description of your actions and the error message(s) you received. Whenever possible, include screenshots (pasted into Word documents) or video captures (e.g., screencasts), HAR files and/or performance tracking files.
  9. If you are performing extensive testing of configurations or record loads, be sure to document your working options regularly. Changes you make in the sandboxes are not retained after each semi-annual refresh, and will need to be created again if not present in production environments. 

Updated September 18, 2023