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OpenAthens options in the CARLI Selection System

Revised: February 2, 2024

For more information on OpenAthens, see CARLI's OpenAthens webpage

The CARLI-funded OpenAthens program for member libraries ended June 30, 2023. FY24 and FY25 pricing information was sent to Governing Directors on Jan. 13, 2023; if your library needs that pricing information again, please email to request it.

To subscribe to OpenAthens, during the "Software as a Service" (SaaS) Cycle, in the CARLI Selection System, choose the Subscription Cycle called SaaS (Software as a Service).  Within that section, you will find three OpenAthens-related options:

  1. MyAthens Plus
  2. OpenAthens
  3. OpenAthens Set Up Fee

What are the differences between these options?

MyAthens Plus

  • MyAthens is an optional library-controlled information portal that is part of OpenAthens.
  • MyAthens has two tiers:
    • MyAthens Basic, which is freely available to all OpenAthens customers at no extra charge and includes basic account management functionality and limited customization options.
    • MyAthens Plus, which is an add-on, paid-for service that has additional features including more customization options, a full list of resources available to the user, and content discovery widget integration.  
  • See the OpenAthens MyAthens website for more information about MyAthens Plus and a comparison of the free vs. paid versions.
  • CARLI member libraries that are already using OpenAthens and wish to add a MyAthens Plus subscription must select both the OpenAthens and MyAthens Plus options in the Selection System.


  • The three-year CARLI-funded program for OpenAthens ended on June 30, 2023.
  • CARLI member libraries that wish to subscribe for the first time or continue to subscribe to OpenAthens directly must select OpenAthens in the Selection System.
  • If a CARLI member library is a first-time subscriber, they must select both the OpenAthens and OpenAthens Set Up Fee options in the Selection System.

OpenAthens Set Up Fee

  • This fee must be selected for any CARLI member library that is a first-time subscriber to OpenAthens after July 1, 2023; that is, the library did not previously “opt IN” to OpenAthens during the CARLI-funded project period before June 30, 2023, and is not a current subscriber to OpenAthens directly.
  • If a CARLI member library is a first-time subscriber, they must select both the OpenAthens and OpenAthens Set Up Fee options in the Selection System.

Every CARLI member library has as least one staff member who is authorized to sign in to the CARLI Selection System. If you do not know who that person is at your institution, contact CARLI Support at for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact CARLI Support at .