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SIS - Student Information Systems Specific Patron Extract Resources

Listed Below, for each known Student Information System in wide use among CARLI institutions, there are 2 basic resources:

  1. A Data Map maps patron sync file XML elements to corresponding SIS tables/columns.  The information contained may not totally match with your SIS if it is a different version.
  2. An Example Script/Program which has been used to extract data for the XML file from the particular SIS database/datastore.

Each of these documents are being offered in an "as-is" fashion and will likely need to be customized for use with each particular institution.  These resources will be updated and kept current on this page. 


Before you utilize these resources, it will be useful to review:

I-Share Mandatory Fields for User Record

Ex Libris USER Record Data Dictionary.

They can be used to develop a plan for your institution's selected set of XML elements.  Once you are able to produce an XML file from your SIS, you can test it with Alma:

Alma Student Information System Integration Setup


(If you don't see your SIS listed here, you are likely the only CARLI member using it.  For SIS listed that do not have corresponding resources, it is a work in progress.  You can help by getting involved and contributing to their creation or improvement.  In either case,CARLI is still here to help you, so please reach out to us for assistance.)


Ellucian Banner


Ellucian Colleague (with SQL Server)

Data Map

Sample Extraction Script


Ellucian Colleague (with Only Unidata back end)

<Not Yet Available>


Jenzabar CX

Data Map

Sample Extraction Script



Data Map

Sample Extraction Script



<Not Yet Available>



<Not Yet Available>

Additional Resources

Ex Libris Knowledge Center, Alma Documentation: External Systems. Includes instructions for creating any integration profile and configuring secure FTP connection profiles.

Ex Libris Developers Network: User Management.

Ex Libris Developers Network: SIS Overview.