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Information for ILLINET Libraries

Using I-Share to Request Materials through Interlibrary Loan: A Guide for ILLINET Libraries

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Libraries affiliated with an Illinois regional library system (otherwise known as ILLINET libraries) are eligible to request library materials on behalf of their patrons directly from CARLI I-Share libraries (the libraries that use the CARLI-supported Voyager system as their common resource-sharing system).

The holdings of I-Share libraries can be identified and requested via the I-Share catalog. 

updated 4/7/2017

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To apply for an ILLINET ID number, or to update your library's existing official record,  please complete the ILLINET Library New Library/Change of Information Form and , or mail to the address on form.

In an internet web browser, visit the VuFind welcome page.

This welcome page presents a simple search box at the top of the screen, and also allows you to:

  • select the Advanced Search feature,
  • view your Search History, and
  • search in a single I-Share Library’s catalog (by clicking on the I-Share logo at the top of the screen).

Click the Login link in the upper right corner. The Login page will display.

VuFind Catalog Login button is highlighted in the upper right hand corner.

  • The I-Share VuFind login FAQ provides information about recovering your library’s user account or resetting the password.

In order to request items from the I-Share Catalog, you (your library) must have a user account.

  • If you already HAVE an account created, type your username and password, then click the Login button. You can skip to the Managing Your Account section of this documentation.
  • If you DO NOT HAVE an account created, click the link entitled Create New Account (image below). You will only need to create your account once.

VuFind Create New Account link is highlighted on the Login page.

On the User Account creation screen, enter your information as described below, then click Submit.

  • First Name: Enter the first portion of your library’s name.
    • There is a 50 character limit for this field.
    • When you are logged into the I-Share catalog, it will display “Logged in as <First Name><Last Name>” in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Last Name: Enter the last portion of your library’s name.
    • There is a 50 character limit for this field also.
  • Email Address: Enter the email address where you would like a “forgotten password” to be emailed.
    • Note: Updating the email address in the I-Share catalog does NOT update it in the I-Share libraries’ official record for your library.
    • Overdue and recall notices will be emailed to the address in the official record.
    • To update the official record, ILLINET libraries should contact the CARLI Office by email to  or by phone 217-244-7593; toll-free in Illinois: 866-904-5843
  • Desired Username: Use your library’s 9 digit I-Share borrower ID as your username.
  • Password: Choose a memorable password.
  • Password Again: Enter exactly the same password. The passwords must match.
  • Last Name on Library Account: You must enter the word ILLINET for the last name.
  • Borrower ID (Barcode Number): You must enter your library’s 9-digit I-Share borrower ID number.
  • I-Share Library with Which You Are Affiliated: You must choose “ILLINET libraries” from the drop-down list.

You will be successfully logged in once your account has been created.

Logging in allows you to view and manage your I-Share account preferences and requested materials.

Image shows options available within a VuFind user's account. Tabs are labeled as such #1-Favorites, #2-Checked Out Items, #3 - Requested Items, #4 - Fines, #5 - Blocks, #6 - Contact Information, #7 - Preferences, #8 - User Account.

Use Your Account to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Track your Requested Items: Click the Requested Items tab [3] to see a list of all items on request for your library. This view will allow you to check the title, lending library, and status.
  • Cancel a Requested Item: Click the Requested Items tab [3] to view a list of all items on request for your library.
    • Only items in the “Request submitted” status are eligible to be canceled.
    • To cancel, click to mark the Cancel? checkbox, then click the Cancel Selected Requests button at the bottom of the page.
  • View your Checked-Out Items: Click the Checked Out Items tab [2] to view a list of all items you have checked-out through I-Share.
    • The default sort is by due date.
    • Click the arrow in the header to re-sort the list by the Title, Lending Library, Due Date, Status, or Renew categories.
  • Renew your Checked-Out Items online: Click the Checked Out Items tab [2] to view list of all I-Share items you have checked out.
    • If the item is eligible to be renewed online, there will be a check box under the Renew column.
    1. Click to check the boxes for the item(s) that you want to renew, or click the Select All link at the top or bottom of the list.
    2. Click the Renew button at the bottom of the page.
    3. Find the item(s) in the list again and double-check that everything was renewed as desired.
    4. Make note of new due dates and notify your patron(s) accordingly.
    • NOTE: If the renew function is not available for an item, or the due date does not advance, please contact the lending library for assistance.
      Library contact information
  • View fines or blocks: Click the Fines tab [4] or Blocks tab [5] to see which lending libraries really would like their items back.
    • These items may have been lost or damaged while in use by your library’s patron.
    • Please contact the lending library directly to inform them of the situation as soon as possible, and provide as much assistance as you can in helping the lending library either to recover the item or bill your patron.
      Library contact information
  • Remember Favorite items: The Favorites tab [1] functions as a “wishlist”: it helps you remember titles for the future or keep track of titles commonly requested by your patrons.
    • Marking a title as a favorite is not necessary in order to request it.
    • The favorites function is not part of the requesting process.
    • Add an item to the Favorites list from within the title record.
  • View Your Library’s Address in the Official Record: Clicking on the Contact Information tab [6] will allow you to view the address that CARLI and the I-Share libraries have on file for your library.
    • Notify CARLI of any corrections/updates.
  • Update User Account: Click on the User Account [8] tab to update any of the information entered when registering your I-Share account.
  • Tab you are unlikely to use: On the Preferences tab [7], the default pick-up library must remain “ILLINET Libraries.”
    • You may enter a default cell phone number for the Text Me feature if you would like.

Unfortunately, the only way for your library to get the I-Share borrowing statistics is to tally them on your end as I-Share requests are placed/received.

The statistics we have recorded for the requests your library places directly through I-Share are not accurate because they include "double-dipped" OCLC transaction tallies due to how some I-Share libraries record those transactions in our circulation system.

Once you are logged in to Your Account in the I-Share catalog, you are ready to search and place requests.
Read the VuFind FAQ for more details.

Basic Search
The Basic Search function is available at the top of each page in I-Share and allows you to search by Keyword, Title, Author, Subject, ISBN/ISSN.

Sample VuFind basic search screen.

Advanced Search
The link to Advanced Search is at the top of every page as well. Advanced Search allows you to conduct more complex, Boolean-type searches with limits by Publication Date, Version, Language, Format, and the inclusion/exclusion of Government Documents or HathiTrust E-Resources.


A search in the I-Share catalog can retrieve thousands of items.

  • Notice the icons for each summary record that denote the format. This is helpful to distinguish physical books from e-books, or physical videos from streaming videos.
  • For more detailed information on searching and the indexes used within the I-Share catalog, read this section of the VuFind FAQ.

Sample page of VuFind search results. Note that you can narrow your search by the "facets" in the right-side column. These facets include Format, Author, Topic, Subject, Language, Genre, Era, Region, and Title.

Viewing the Full Record Page

Click on the title of any item on the Results page to see the full record for the title.
The Record page provides the bibliographic information for the title.

The links and icons above the basic bibliographic information allow you to:

  • return to your search results (without clicking the BACK button repeatedly).
  • see the bibliographic citation (double-check for accuracy).
  • email a link to the record.
  • add title to your favorites list.
  • view the MARC record.

The tabs in the row across the middle, below the basic bibliographic information, provide additional information:

  • More details: may provide a summary, ISBN/ISSN number, and format notes, if available.
  • Location & Availability: Lists which libraries own a copy and the status of each copy.
  • Table of Contents: may provide the table of contents for the title, if available.
  • User Reviews: I-Share library patrons have the ability to write publically-viewable reviews of items.
  • Published Reviews: may include published reviews from Booklist, Choice, etc., if available.
  • Request 1st Available: used to request an item through interlibrary loan.

By this point you have 1) created and logged in to your account, and 2) conducted your search for the item.
You are now ready to request an item through the I-Share Catalog.


  1. Click the Request 1st Available tab to prompt the I-Share catalog to choose one of the possible lenders.
  2. Note: the pick-up library is already set to “ILLINET Libraries” and the pick-up location is “ILDS Delivery.”
  3. All you need to do is click the Request button.
  4. When your request is successfully submitted, you will receive the confirmation message, "Request submitted. Check your account to track you requests."
  • The I-Share catalog will attempt to locate an available item to fill a request, but sometimes no copies are available to fulfill the request. Notification about cancelled or unfilled requests may vary among the lending I-Share libraries.
  • When requesting titles that have accompanying material, you may need to place multiple requests, one for each separate item. To do so, click the Request 1st Available tab again, click the Choose Item drop-down menu, and place a request for each part separately (example- first the TEXT, then the CDROM).


  • Some I-Share libraries do not lend all of the materials they list in the I-Share catalog. You may be unable to find a circulating copy of certain items, particularly multimedia material. Rare items, reference items, and electronic items may also be non-requestable. If you try to place a request for a non-requestable item through the Request 1st Available tab, you will see the message, “Sorry, although this item is available in the library it is not requestable.”
    • If applicable, do a new search for a different format or edition of the title, or place your request through OCLC or other interlibrary loan channel.
  • Your Account keeps track only of items your library has requested/checked out through the I-Share catalog. It is important that you keep good records about which requests you have placed, and on whose behalf you have placed them.
  • Please try to renew items before they become overdue. This will reduce the volume of notices that are printed/emailed. Some I-Share libraries may send courtesy notices/emails to remind about imminent due dates, but other libraries may not.  Please log into Your Account frequently to keep track of due dates.
  • If the renew function is not available for an item, or if the due date does not advance, please contact the lending library for assistance.
    Library contact information
  • If you receive notice that an item has been recalled for use by another borrower, please take quick action to retrieve and return the item. Please contact the lending library directly (the lending library’s name will be listed on the notice) if you are unable to retrieve recalled materials.
  • For more information about the policies pertaining to interlibrary loan in Illinois, refer to the ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Code.
  • For more details on the VuFind catalog see the VuFind FAQ.
  • All items requested through the I-Share catalog will be delivered to your library through the cooperation of the statewide delivery systems. The item(s) you request will arrive with your library’s usual delivery.
    • The I-Share lending library will send the items via ILDS to your library system, and your library system (RAILS, IHLS, or CPS) will finish the delivery to your library; returns follow the same path in reverse.
  • When returning items to the I-Share lending library, please follow the best-practices for packaging and labeling that can be found in the ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Code.
  • Look up the delivery codes in L2: Library Learning for any Illinois library.
  • Visit your library system’s website for additional labeling and shipping forms and information: