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Alma and Primo VE Training Resources

CARLI Resources

List of CARLI Alma/Primo VE Office Hours with recordings and slides - CARLI's Alma/Primo VE-related Office Hours from May 24, 2019 to date.  Office Hours are currently being held every other week on Thursday afternoons.  See the CARLI Calendar for the schedule.

Alma and Primo VE Glossary - This glossary is a joint effort of the CARLI Resource Sharing Committee and the Technical Services Committee to assist I-Share members during and after the Alma / Primo VE migration with new terminology.

CARLI Email Lists - CARLI hosts several topical email lists for member libraries in which to discuss Alma and Primo VE.

Ex Libris Resources

Ex Libris Knowledge Center - Search the Ex Libris Knowledge Center directly, or simply use Google to search for keywords.

Ex Libris's Alma and Primo VE Administration Certification - Certification is the process by which a library staff member is granted permission to make changes to the configuration settings in Alma/Primo VE.

Alma Implementation Training Webinars, present by Ex Libris staff for I-Share, Fall 2019 (I-Share Libraries Only)

Recommended Online Alma Trainings for Acquisitions and Cataloging - This compilation of recommended Ex Libris Alma Online Trainings was selected by the CARLI Technical Services Committee to assist I-Share members' acquisitions and cataloging staff and administrators in learning how traditional technical services activities and management are accomplished in Alma.

Alma What's New Videos - Very short videos by Ex Libris about changes to Alma from the monthly software releases!

Ex Libris Users of North America (ELUNA) Resources

ELUNA Learns 2022 - ELUNA is presenting a series of webinars related to Ex Libris products from September - December 2022. These sessions will be presented live and will also be recorded for later viewing. ELUNA charges $25 per attendee per session, but CARLI has purchased a block of registrations so I-Share library staff may register for free.

To register for these sessions, please complete this registration form (one form per person) and send it to . To see the list of sessions and descriptions, visit the ELUNA Learns 2022 page.

ELUNA Alma-L Email List - ELUNA is the international user community for Ex Libris customers in the Americas. This is an open email forum for all users of Alma and for Ex Libris staff.

ELUNA Primo Email List - ELUNA is the international user community for Ex Libris customers in the Americas. This is an open email forum for all users of Primo and Primo VE and for Ex Libris staff. When you review the archives or pose a question, be sure to look for or mention that in I-Share we use Primo VE (not classic Primo).

ELUNA Document Repository (User Group presentations, etc.)