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Electronic Resource Management

Electronic Collections

Activating an Alma Electronic Collection in your Institution Zone

Choosing the Right E-Collection from the Alma Community Zone (CZ)

Deleting an Alma Electronic Collection in your Institution Zone

P2E Clean-up

Electronic Collections Managed Centrally by CARLI in the Network Zone (NZ)

Alma Community Zone (CZ) Electronic Collection IDs

Electronic Resource Linking

Troubleshooting Alma/Primo VE Broken Links

Setting Customer or Location ID in Alma Electronic Collections

Alma, Primo VE, and the Dec. 2021 EBSCOhost E-Collection Parser Changes

Improving Linking in Primo VE: CrossRef, DOIs & PMIDs

Improving Linking in Primo VE with PubMed API key

Improving Linking in Primo VE with Unpaywall

Embed Links to Primo VE in external databases and indexes

Electronic resources-related Display Logic Rules

NewsBank Article-Level-Linking 

Electronic Resources Infrastructure

Setting up OpenAthens as a Proxy Redirector Service

Alma and SUSHI

Electronic Resources Cataloging

Zones in Alma

Defining Electronic Titles Sets for OCLC Data Sync

Autoholdings for ProQuest Ebook Central Collections

Electronic Resources Acquisitions How-Tos and Workflows

Templates in Alma Acquisitions

Import Profile for Embedded Order Data

Working with Invoices

How-To: Adding the Kanopy BASE Collection

Videos and Webinars

Technical Services Q&A Webinar Series
Ex Libris Ask the Expert: COUNTER Release 5 Usage Data Harvesting in Alma and Alma Analytics. August 18, 2020. Includes details on configuring vendors for SUSHI operations.

Technical Services Q&A, December 15, 2020. Cataloging Ebooks

Session Video
Ebooks Session Slides and Chat

CARLI Technical Services Q&A, January 27, 2021. Better P2E Clean-up.

Session Video
Session Chat and Poll Results

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