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Cleaning up P2E (Physical to Electronic) Records in Alma for I-Share Institutions

There are several different scenarios that your institution may or may not have present in Alma as a result of the P2E process that was run during the Migration. Each of these will be described below with directions for cleaning up the records if needed.

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Scenario: Duplicate active Portfolios created as a result of Link Resolver and P2E Migration
Cause: The P2E file from Voyager contained your electronic resources that were cataloged in Voyager, and these resources may have also been represented in your link resolver file (SFX, 360, etc.).
You have this problem if: Post-migration you see duplicate, active portfolios that represent the same title in Alma or duplicate entries in Primo VE—one that was created in P2E and another from the link resolver data. 
Solution: The best solution is to remove the migrated Voyager bib record (and its portfolio) from Alma and retain the Community Zone (CZ)-linked portfolio migrated from your link resolver.
Steps to Remove the Voyager migrated P2E portfolio(s):

  1. Identify a set of Portfolios that represent a Collection in Alma. Using your P2E file is a good way to find Collections. Sort the P2E file by Column O (856 Field from Voyager). 

    Another way you may find sets of Portfolios is by simply running across duplicate entries in Primo VE, using the title found there you can refer to the P2E file and find the correct collection. Your P2E file used in the Production Migration is still available in your Institution’s Box Folder > Production Migration Folder.

    NOTE: If your portfolios from your P2E have PO numbers on the P2E file and you want to link these PO Lines to the proper Portfolios in Alma stop at this point as these directions are for records with no POs. Additional instructions will be provided for records with POs attached.

  2. Verify that the Collection and Portfolios are activated (either through your link resolver migration or manually post-migration). In this example I’m cleaning up duplicated records from “Alexander Street Press American History in Video”. I can see that the Collection and Portfolios are active in the Community Zone because the Community Zone icon is blue indicating it is active:

  3. Create an Alma Set of standalone portfolios for this Collection that are duplicate activations from your link resolver. The results from this search example are shown in the image below, a total of 3,182 standalone portfolios for “Alexander Street Press, American History in Video” were found. This was the Interface Name used and referenced in my P2E file for this particular ASP collection.
    • To find P2E portfolios, search for: Advanced Search: Electronic Portfolio “Is Standalone” equals “Yes" – this will find all Portfolios created by the P2E process.
    • Add additional search criteria as needed. You can use your P2E file to find other criteria such as:
      • URL contains
      • Interface Name contains "Alexander Street Press". The Interface Name was set by the answer to the Migration Form Question: “Which holding or bib field contains electronic provider name information?”

  4. Save Query

    Select a Set name that makes sense to you, and add a Description if that will help. Decide if you want the Set to be Private: only you can see and use the set, or Public: anyone at your institution can see and use the set. Click Save.

  5. Run Delete Portfolios job: 
    Select Admin > Run a Job


    The easiest way to find the Delete Portfolios Job is to type portfolios in the description search box. Select the Delete Portfolios Job with the Radio Button and click Next.

    Select the Set:


    A list of saved Search Sets will appear. Select the Set you want to delete. In this example, I selected the Alexander Street Press, American History in Video Local Portfolios Set that I created in the previous step. Click Next.

    Enter Task Parameters:


    Decide what you would like the job to do:

    • Portfolio is linked to an active PO-line: choose Skip or Delete Portfolio
    • Portfolio is linked to an active e-Activation Task: choose Skip or Delete Portfolio
    • Handling bibliographic records without inventory: choose Do nothing, Delete, or Suppress Bib record.

    In this case, for Portfolios that are related to active PO-lines and active e-activation tasks, I chose “Skip”, and for bib records without inventory, I chose “Delete”

    Click Next.

    Review and Confirm:


    Review the entered parameters and click Submit. If you need to make any changes click the Back button.

    Monitor Job:


    The Monitor Jobs screen will appear where you can view the jobs progress. Depending on the size of the file, the job can take several hours to complete.

    Return to Monitor Jobs: Admin > Monitor Jobs > Running


    Click Refresh to see progress updated.

    Once the job is complete, you can view reports from Admin > Monitor Jobs > History Tab


    If any errors or failures to delete occur, they will be listed here with their MMSID to manually address.

Result: Duplicate local portfolios and their related bibs (if bib is not linked to any orders or other inventory) for this Collection are removed. Repeat this process for other Collections as needed.

Scenario: Acquisitions data (POL) is associated with P2E migrated bibliographic records, but you would like it to be associated with your Community Zone (CZ) – linked records.
Cause: The P2E records represented your Voyager data, therefore any Acquisitions data is linked to those records.
You have this problem if: You used Voyager to keep track of Acquisitions data relating to electronic resources and want to link those POLs to different Records in Alma. 
Solution: You can relink the POL to the preferred record, then Delete the record from the P2E process. This method can be applied to Databases, Collections, and Portfolios you migrated via P2E. The example shown demonstrates a Portfolio.

Steps to Move the POL from one Portfolio to Another:

  1. All titles search for title you want relinked, in this case “Gale e-commerce sourcebook”:

  2. Identify migrated record to be relinked and CZ record POL should be relinked to. Migrated record will have POL.

  3. Select Hyperlink to view Orders linked to this Record:

  4. Click Change Bib Reference:

    Click Confirm:

    Repository Search immediately opens with Title and ISBN search:

    You may need to simplify the search to find your Community Zone record, in this example I changed the search to only look for the title, by removing the ISBN criteria:

    Select the CZ Record, and confirmation appears:

  5. Confirm order has been linked to correct record:

  6. Add the Order to the CZ Portfolio
    Click “Portfolio List”

    Then Select “Edit Portfolio”:

  7. The Electronic Portfolio Editor Opens, Click Acquisition Tab:

  8. Search for title or POL in PO Line field. Press Enter. Then Save

    You can edit your search by clicking the “Select from a List” option:


    This will allow you to filter the search to All POLs not only Active, this is useful if the POL you are relinking is Closed, or otherwise not considered Active by Alma. 

    Receive Confirmation:

  9. The final step is to delete the P2E Portfolio, and either Delete (preferred) or Suppress the P2E Bib record.

    Return to Search results, Click Portfolio List for non-Community Zone Record:

    Click More Options > Delete.

    Select Confirm.

    It is your choice to either Delete or Suppress the Bibliographic record associated with the portfolio you are deleting. In this case the bib record will be deleted.
    Click Confirm.

    Confirmation of the Deleted portfolio:

    Now only the CZ Bib and Portfolio, with the POL linked remains:

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