Improving Linking with PubMed API key

The National Library of Medicine's PubMed is a crucial index in the health sciences. Many I-Share libraries use PubMed including special features like Outside Tool and Link out.

To improve linking from PubMed into your library's Alma/Primo VE, follow these steps:

1. Get an API Key.

To set up PubMed as an Alma link resolver source, your library must get an API key. An API key is also required for libraries who have PubMed with an institutional/customized URL, such as SIU Med: Anyone can obtain an API key from by registering for a NCBI account. 

2. After the API Key is created, copy it and go to Alma Configuration > General > External Systems > Integration Profiles > click on "Edit" in the "..." menu at end of "Augmentation" line.  If your library does not have an "Augmentation" profile go to these instructions to add one.

3. Go to the Actions tab


4. Scroll down to PubMed Definitions, make sure Status is set to Active, and paste in the new API Key.


5. Click Save button to save the change.

6. Return to PubMed Outside Tool/Link Out at to replace a previous PubMed link resolver base URL with--or add for the first time--your institution's Alma/Primo VE base URL.  To determine your Alma/Primo VE link resolver base URL, see:  

However, please note, the base URL is now (as of May 23, 2023)  supposed to end with "sid=Entrez:PubMed&id=pmid:", so the PubMed link resolver base URL will be


Note: Simply replacing an old SFX or 360 Serial Solutions base URL with Alma link resolver base URL in PubMed Outside Tool/Link Out administration is not enough. You also need to have saved the API Key in Alma Configuration in step 4 above.

7. Test your library's Alma/Primo VE linking inPubMed.

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