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Electronic Collections & Library's Customer and Location IDs

Setting Customer or Location ID in Alma Electronic Collections

Look up the Electronic Collection that requires a Location ID or a Customer ID

1. Click on "Edit Collection"

2. Click on “Additional” tab

3. Scroll down to services. Click on the "More Actions"/ellipsis at the end of the row and click on Edit.

4. Click on the "Linking" Tab in the Electronic Service Editor

 5. Scroll down to “Linking Parser Parameters”:

For Gale Products input your location id (LOC_ID) in the appropriate box. 

For ProQuest Ebook Central input your Customer id (CUST_ID).

6. Click "Save" in upper right corner of screen to save the change:

Wait about 15 minutes. Log out of Primo VE and log back in. See if the link will connect.