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Improving Alma/PrimoVE linking with CrossRef DOI and PubMed ID

Setting up CrossRef within your Alma instance will improve the link resolver accuracy of results in Primo VE. By default, the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) linking and PubMed ID linking are NOT turned on in Alma, and CrossRef turns that on.

For more information about CrossRef, see:

Retrieving more metadata for citations via CrossRef OpenUrl

CrossRef for Librarians

Configuring CrossRef in Alma: Changing in early November 2023

Please note: account not required after November 2023 Alma Quarterly Update implementation. Please see Release Notes: section "Modification to CrossRef Integration Profile."

  In Alma, follow the steps in Setup of CrossRef (DOI). If your Alma does not already have an AUGMENTATION profile, follow these instructions.

More information on Alma Augmentations

CrossRef for Librarians

    Updated November 7, 2023, Links checked April 12, 2024