Deleting an Alma Electronic Collection in your Institution Zone

Last edit April 12, 2024

When your library cancels an electronic subscription or finds a collection is active by mistake, you may delete the e-collection. These instructions apply to I-Share institutions that are not using Alma Acquisitions at all or at least not with e-collections. If your institution uses Alma Acquisitions, these steps will not fully apply. See Managing Electronic Resources section "Deleting Electronic Collections" for more detailed Ex Libris documentation on e-collections. For more on Acquisitions see training in Alma Essentials.

Demonstration Video of "Deleting an Alma Electronic Collection" (3:30)

1. In Alma, check your "User Details" Roles section. Make sure you have these roles active:

    Electronic Inventory Operator
    Electronic Inventory Operator Extended
    Repository Manager

2. Look up the electronic collection in your library's Alma Institution Zone.


3. For the collection in question, click on the "More Actions" ... menu button.


4. Click on "Delete" from the list of actions:


5. Next, for the collection and portfolio(s) bibliographic records, select either:


Usually "Delete bibliographic record(s)" is appropriate. If you need to keep the records in Alma, select "Suppress bibliographic record(s)" to suppress the records from display in Primo VE.


And click on "Confirm."

6. You should get a message similar to this:


For very small packages or database type e-collections, there may be no job submitted to delete the collection.

7. You may check the Admin > Monitor Jobs list for progress on the deletion or suppression of the portfolio bibliographic records. You will receive an email from Alma when the job is done.