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Alma Configuration and Administration

Configuration To-Do's and future work

  • Document consortial and recommended configuration settings.
  • Create additional step-by-step configuration guides.

Alma Administrator Certification

Both Ex Libris and CARLI strongly recommend that library staff should complete Alma certification training prior to having full administrative access to Alma and Primo VE. CARLI staff are certified and are able to support administration needs if your library does not have any certified staff.

Alma and Primo VE Certification


How-To: Add new Library in Alma

Alma Resource Sharing Library: FAQ

How-To: Add a Location

How-To: Delete a Location

Setting up Email Notifications for Scheduled Jobs

Alma Configuration: Work Order Departments

Alma Fulfillment

Alma Physical Fulfillment Block Preferences- Consortial Requirements

Alma Configuration: Digitization for Patron Requests

Alma Configuration settings necessary for Resource Sharing through the AFN - forthcoming

Alma Configuration: Automatic renewal for local patron loans

Alma Configuration: Request Pickup Configuration

Alma Configuration: Setting a user group as not I-Share eligible

Alma Letters

Alma Letters, Overview and Basic Configuration

Alma Overdue and Lost Loan Rules and Letters, with associated configuration settings