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Common Questions

What IP addresses should an institution allow for Alma and Primo VE?

Ex Libris' network communication requirements lists several IP ranges that institutions should allow.

Is it possible for Alma to use my institution's email service to send letters?

Yes, you can configure Alma to use your institution's mail relay server. Library staff should work with their institution's information technology group to determine the settings and addresses needed to configure the mail handling integration and outgoing messages.

How do I troubleshoot issues with my connection to Alma (e.g., timeouts, pages not loading correctly)?

If you are experiencing problems with screens not loading fully, or sessions being timed out while you're still active, you will need to create a HTTP archive file, or HAR file. A HAR file is a recording of your network session. You should record and save this file, and send that to CARLI for us to report to Ex Libris. Review Ex Libris' recommendations on creating a HAR file.

Does Alma/Primo VE support Z39.50 connections?

Yes, Z39.50 connections are already configured for each library. See I-Share via Z39.50 for the details to complete your application's connection settings.