Alma Sandbox Information


In the two Alma/Primo VE Sandboxes available to all I-Share libraries, the collections metadata are those of the institutions from which they were copied, as of August 5, 2020. All user data have been anonymized. A full list of account names, passwords, and access URLs is posted in each library's folder on check the XXX Credentials subfolder (where XXX is your CARLI library code) for the file named "Alma Primo VE Sandbox Information for CARLI Libraries August 2020.docx."

Sandbox Links

CARLI Sandbox 1 Alma - gray color scheme named "CARLI Meta-Materials Collection (MMC)"

CARLI Sandbox 1 Primo VE - gray color scheme named "CARLI Meta-Materials Collection"

CARLI Sandbox 2 Alma - red color scheme named "CARLI Resource Management Collection (RMC)"

CARLI Sandbox 2 Primo VE - red color scheme named "CARLI Resource Management Collection"

All I-Share libraries and CARLI office staff may simultaneously share these five sandboxes. Library staff from all libraries may perform testing in any of the sandboxes. Be aware that others may be testing at the same time and in the same areas as you are.

Best Practices

  1. You are free to create your own examples (with the exception of staff users, please see #3 below). Please remove your examples when you are done, but please do not delete anything you did not create. Preserve all existing training examples and configurations. CARLI does not expect the sandboxes to be refreshed during our implementation period.
  2. The sandboxes are not intended for load testing and have size limits and restrictions. You may perform data imports, but please limit the size of these files to a set of records that you can review for quality assurance. A good rule of thumb is to test 1 record, then 10. If needed, then load more but keep the size under 100.
  3. Ex Libris has provided a set of generic staff users with various role configurations.  More than one person can be logged in to a sandbox via the same staff user name at the same time. Please do not change the roles for these logins in the sandbox. Generic Staff user login information was shared to the Alma Primo VE Contacts List as well as to your institution's Box folder (as of the week of November 18).
  4. The Analytics module is not available for the generic sandboxes. You have access to Alma Analytics in your institution's test load environment if your user account has the Design Analytics or Analytics Administrator role.
  5. The premium sandboxes are configured to block outgoing email by default. If you will be testing letters in the sandbox, you may configure allowed email addresses in the configuration area (Configuration > General > External Systems: Allowed Emails).
  6. The premium sandboxes are configured to block secure ftp by default, except for connections to the CARLI secure ftp server. If you will be testing integrations with external systems, such as vendor ftp accounts (for EDI or MARC import profiles) or campus systems (finance and SIS), you may configure allowed sftp conenctions in the configuration area (Configuration > General > External Systems: Allowed S/FTP Connections).
  7. If you encounter an error while using the sandboxes, contact with a description of your actions and the error message(s) you received.