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Fulfillment and Automated Fulfillment Network (AFN) - Circulation and I-Share Resource Sharing

I-Share institutions with I-Share lending/borrowing enabled
CARLI Resource Sharing Committee: Alma & Primo VE Release Note Review

Fulfillment and the Automated Fulfillment Network (AFN) To-Do's and future work:

  • Best practices/how-to for lost material
  • Best practices/how-to damaged material
  • Directions for ILLINET libraries
  • Workflows for recording non-I-Share ILL transactions in Alma
  • Training/review on fulfillment configuration settings; how they affect day-to-day operations

Policies & Annual Statistics

I-Share Mandatory Fields for Public User Records. This list specifies the minimum data elements all user records should contain to support consortial activities.
I-Share Institution Identifiers

Fulfillment-Related Tools

Alma Offline Circulation Utility

How-Tos & Workflows for Day-to-Day

How To: Fulfillment in Alma (step-by-step instructions for many common workflows)
How To: Staff workflows for Alma Requests- Local and AFN
Community Users in Alma and Primo VE - Includes options and best practices for managing community user accounts
How To: Course Reserves in Alma
How To: Place Recalls in Alma
How To: When You Have To Charge before You Send: How To Deliver Local and I-Share Materials via Mail, or via Service Points with No Access to Alma