Alma Configuration: Lender of Last Resort

When an I-Share eligible patron places a request for an item in Primo VE, behind the scenes, Alma builds a ROTA (aka lender string) of other I-Share libraries that have a copy available for request. But what happens if there are no lenders in I-Share? Or if the libraries identified in the ROTA by Alma are unable to lend the title? 

This is when the optional functionality of "Lender of Last Resort," LoLR, can come into play. LoLR is when Alma adds an outside ILL service that the patron's home library subscribes to (such as WorldShare Resource Sharing, ILLiad, or Tipasa) to the end of the ROTA, and can then pass the request into that other ILL service for potential fulfillment if the item is not available through I-Share.

WorldShare as Lender of Last Resort

Webinar 4/28/2023

ILLiad as Lender of Last Resort

A webinar on ILLiad for LoLR will be held in the future.

Tipasa as Lender of Last Resort

We do not yet have a CARLI I-Share library testing Tipasa LoLR; if your library subscribes to Tipasa, and is interesting in testing LoLR functionality, please email