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Choosing which ILL Policy governs Lost/Damaged Fines/Fees

updated 8/14/2023

Question: My I-Share library loaned an item through Interlibrary Loan and it was damaged (or lost and not returned).

Answer: The method of lending determines what to do next with lost or damaged items.

First, determine whether the lost or damaged item was loaned as the result of an I-Share request for an individual patron or as the result of a library-to-library ILL transaction (like through OCLC or other ILL system)?

If you have questions on determining through which method the item was loaned, or the steps in any of the workflows, please send them to .

For material loaned through:

  • I-Share to individual patrons:
  • OCLC (or other ILL system) loan to another library within the state of Illinois:
    • Refer to the ILLINET code, on page 3, section IV "Rights and Responsibilities of the Requesting Library" point 7.
  • OCLC (or other ILL system) loan to another library outside the state of Illinois: