How-To: Relink holdings from one bib to another

Question: I found that the bibliographic record selected for my library's holdings isn't the correct choice. How can I replace this record without losing the historical usage of the item?

Answer: Alma allows you to relink your existing inventory to different bibliographic records that exist in the network zone (NZ) or in the institution zone (IZ).

1. Start by opening your existing record in the metadata editor. You'll need it later for the relinking process. For example, search your repository, select the title and push to the MDE.

Alma physical titles search results screen, following a search of Physical Titles using ISBN 9781308858135. Screen shows one result for Corporate Finance. A check box to select the title is active, and the button for Push Selected to MDE is highlighted.

2. Next, search the Network Zone for the correct record for your item. Use data from the existing record or from the item in hand (e.g., title, author, ISBN). Make a note of the MMS ID and OCLC record number for the record you found. Remember, only use All Titles searches for the NZ.

Alma all titles search results screen of the network zone, showing the search of All titles on Keywords corporate finance ross eleventh. The search included multiple results, result number 2 is shown with the MMS ID 991082403549705816 highlighted. The toggle for the Record Number list is indicated, and has been clicked to show three record numbers on the left, and (OCoLC)ocn915135890 is highlighted.

3. If the record isn't present in the NZ, you may choose to import it from WorldCat. 

4. Click the Show MDE button, or go to the Resources menu, then choose Open Metadata Editor.

An image of Alma's Show MDE button, used to open the metadata editor, which appears on the lower portion of the Alma left hand menu bar. The Alma Resources Menu, selected from the left hand menu bar, with the Open Metadata Editor link highlighted.

5. Click the View Related Data menu, then select View Inventory, or you may type Ctrl+I. 

The Alma metadata editor screen showing a bibliographic record and the View Related Data menu displayed to the View Inventory (Ctrl+I) menu option.

6. You will see each holdings record present for the bib record. Click the Edit button.

The Alma metadata editor displaying a split-screen view of a bibliographic record and a list of related inventory. The Edit button for a holdings record is highlighted.

7. Make sure that the holding record pane is selected, then go to the Record Actions menu, and select Relink to a Different Record.

The Alma metadata editor displaying a split-screen view of a bibliographic record and a selected holding record. The holding record pane is active with blue title bar, and the Record Actions menu is open to the Relink to a Different Record option.

8. You will now see the holding box on the left and a search box on the right. Click Network, then use any of the fields to search for the NZ record you found.

  • Use System Number if searching on the OCLC record number.
  • Use Any Field if searching on the NZ MMS ID.

The Alma metadata editor displaying a split-screen view of a holding record and a record search dialog. The search dialog offers buttons at the top for searching Institution zone, Network zone, Community zone, and the Network button is selected. Search types are listed vertically as Find Any Field, Title, Creator, Subjects, ISBN, ISSN, Year of Publication, System Number, with a search term entered in the System Number box. The Search button at the bottom is highlighted.

9. From the search results box, click Relink for the record that you want.

The Alma metadata editor showing a split screen view of the holdings minimized to a title bar on the left, a pane labeled Relink Holdings - Search Bibliogr... showing the search dialog, and a pane labeled Relink Holdings - Search Bibliogr... showing the search results. The Relink button is highlighted.

10. The metadata editor will take a few moments to refresh. When finished, the holding record will display again. To verify that the holdings have moved, you may go to the View Related Data menu and select Edit Bibliographic Record, or click Ctrl+Alt+B. The MDE will open the bib that is linked to your holding. This should be different than the original bib, and you should expect to see two separate MMS IDs in the record list on the left.

The Alma metadata editor screen, showing the record list on the left, with a network record for Corporate finance (991082403549705816) and an institution record for Corporate finance (9932602010605879); the holdings record that has been relinked, with title bar information Corporate finance (2215035850005879); and the new bibliographic record, with title bar text Corporate finance (991082403549705816).

Another way to verify where this record is linked is to search for the new record in your IZ, such as with the OCLC record number or the item barcode.

Final clean-up

Since the old record is now cleared of any inventory, you should delete the empty bib from the metadata editor. 

If the old bibliographic record is linked to the NZ, then go to the Record Actions menu, then select Copy to Catalog.

When the old record is only in the IZ, go to the Record Actions menu, then select Delete Record, or type Ctrl+D. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. Click Yes.

Release any records still open in the MDE. From the Record Actions menu, select Release Record or type Alt+Shift+R. You will need to release bibs and holdings separately, using the MARC21 Bib and Holdings tabs of the record list on the left.