Implementing Acquisitions in Alma Training Series

In Spring 2023, Ex Libris produced a six-webinar training series, Implementing Acquisitions in Alma Training Series, to introduce Alma's acquisitions functionality to users who are new to Alma or new to using acquisitions in the Alma environment. Each hour long webinar provides instruction on how to perform acquisitions tasks in Alma, with some general suggestions about broader workflows. Webinar sessions were presented live and recorded. Recordings are captioned.

The sequence and topics of sessions follows here. Visit the Implementing Acquisitions in Alma Training Series page for access to recordings, presentation slides, supporting documents, and summaries of the questions and answers from chat.

  • Session 1. Implementing Acquisitions in Alma
  • Session 2. Ordering Electronic and Physical Resources
  • Session 3. Activating Electronic Resources and Claiming
  • Session 4. Receiving Physical Resources and Post-Receiving Processing
  • Session 5. Invoicing Resources
  • Session 6. Automating the Acquisitions Process and Upcoming Improvements to the PO Line

Also in Spring 2023, CARLI staff held review webinars to support further questions and answers from members of the CARLI community.

CARLI Technical Services Q&A, April 26, 2023.

Discussion of Ex Libris sessions 1 and 2.

April 26 Q&A Slides plus Chat

CARLI Technical Services Q&A, May 31, 2023.

Discussion of Ex Libris sessions 3 thru 6.

May 31 Q&A Slides plus Chat