Alma Test Load Phase Tasks

On May 23, Alma/Primo Contacts for all 91 I-Share libraries received access to a shared folder in, a cloud storage service used by the University of Illinois. Their Box folders include the first migration worksheet requiring their attention along with instructions for the task of identifying their electronic locations and identifying how they would like to map Voyager locations into Alma locations.


Current Tasks:

  • Migration Phase 2: For many I-Share libraries, the CARLI Office has assigned the "User Administrator" role to either your library's Alma-Certified Alma/Primo VE contact, or another designated Alma-Certified staff member (per consult with the contact). Those libraries can begin working through these directions:Alma Test Load: Setting Up Library Staff Users. On November 11, CARLI Staff contacted institutions where none of the staff are yet Alma-certified to share further information and instructions on how CARLI will collect your decisions about roles and privileges to be granted to your staff users.

Alma Data Migration Review Procedures

Completed Tasks:

Alma Configuration Form Directions. Related Deadline: September 18, libraries return completed Alma Configuration Form to CARLI via Box.

Initial test load phase announcement and timeline from May 2019

Alma Libraries spreadsheet. Related Deadline: July 23, libraries return completed Alma Libraries spreadsheet to CARLI via Box.

Alma Location Spreadsheet. Related deadlines: June 4, libraries send spreadsheet with electronic locations identified to CARLI; July 23, libraries send completed spreadsheet to CARLI.

Migration Form Submission. Related Deadline: July 23, libraries submit completed migration form.

P2E - "Print to Electronic". Related Deadline: July 9, libraries return completed P2E file to CARLI. 

Link Resolver Data migration. Related Deadline: July 23, libraries submit data as required depending on what (if any) link resolver product they use.

UPDATED JULY 17, 2019: Primo VE Worksheet - After consultation with Ex Libris, there will not be a Primo VE worksheet and there is no task to complete.