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Alma Test Load: Assigning Alma Users to CARLI-Created Profiles

created 11/10/2019

When your library received access to your Alma test environment, CARLI staff sent each Alma/Primo VE Contact a generic account for initial data migration review and testing. Now that we are entering the next phase of testing, we are ready for library staff to begin using their own user accounts in Alma instead of the generic data review account. (The generic data review account with user name testAlma_XXX is set to expire on 12/2/2019.)

In I-Share libraries where staff have completed Ex Libris's Alma Administration Certification, the CARLI Office assigned the "User Administrator" role to either the Alma-Certified Alma/Primo VE contact, or another designated Alma-Certified staff member (per consult with the contact). Those User Administrators are preparing user accounts for the test load phase 2 review following the directions available at: Alma Test Load: Setting Up Library Staff Users.

For I-Share libraries where no staff are currently Alma Certified (and therefore, cannot be assigned the User Administrator role to set up their own staff user accounts), CARLI staff have developed a worksheet-based workflow for gathering the permissions needed by staff users during the test phase. The Alma/Primo VE contact will submit the completed worksheet to the CARLI Office, so that CARLI Office staff know which roles to assign to which library staff members.

The directions on this page are for I-Share Libraries where no library staff are currently Alma-Certified.

  • Your library will likely make different choices for user roles for the production load/ongoing use of Alma.
  • The CARLI Office will provide updated directions for setting up user accounts for the production load.
  • If the Alma/Primo VE contact or another designated staff member becomes Alma Certified in the future, CARLI staff will assign the User Administrator role so they can manage and adjust staff permissions for their library.

Task 1: Review Documentation

The Alma/Primo VE contact at each institution should:

  • Review both Task 1 & Task 2 (below) for a full picture of this workflow.
  • Watch the Office Hours 10/31/2019: Provides an overview of Roles and Profiles in Alma, using Voyager for comparison.
  • Review theAlma Test Load: Setting Up Library Staff Users page. CARLI Office Staff will be performing these steps on behalf of your library because there are currently no Alma-certified staff to do it, but it will be helpful for you to understand what the CARLI Office staff will be doing with the information you provide in the worksheet.
  • The CARLI Office will assign library staff Alma Roles using CARLI-created profiles. To read more about the Alma Roles contained in each CARLI-Created Profile:
    • Ex Libris: User Roles -Descriptions and Accessible Components. This webpage describes each role separately, sorted by functional area in Alma.
    • CARLI: Alma User Roles Excel worksheet. This spreadsheet is a condensed version of the Ex Libris User Roles website linked above. This spreadsheet lists each role separately, so that I-Share libraries that are customizing their own role profiles can review all roles available for library staff in Alma.

Task 2: Fill out the Assign_Alma_Users_to_CARLI_Profiles_XXX.xlsx Worksheet

  1. Make a reference list of all staff members at your library who should have access to Alma during the test phase. In this list, include:
    • staff member's name
    • email address and/or Institution ID/barcode
    • Alma library(ies) where they perform their work duties
  2. Download the Excel file named Assign_Alma_Users_to_CARLI_Profiles_XXX.xlsx from your library's "XXX Test Load Delivery" folder in Box, where XXX is your library's three-letter code.
    • The CARLI Role Profiles are listed in column-sets from left to right.
      • For each CARLI-created Profile:
        • The Profile name is listed in Row 1.
        • The Roles included in the CARLI Profile are listed in Row 2.
        • Example staff are included in rows 3-5 to show how you should complete the form.
      • The columns for a profile are highlighted in alternating white and light-blue.
        • For example, Columns B, C, and D are used for the "Circulation Students" Profile.
        • Columns E, F, and G are used for the "Circulation Staff" Profile.
          Screenshot shows excerpt of the Assign_Alma_Users_to_CARLI-Profiles excel file. The excerpt shows the rows and columns used for the Circulation Students profile.
  3. In the spreadsheet, record the name and email address or Institution ID/barcode for the library staff members who should have each profile/those roles assigned.
    • Many library staff will have their name listed for more than one profile.
    • Many profiles will be assigned to more than one library staff member.
    • If the profile contains roles that need to be scoped to a specific library, there is a column included for that profile where you can list the staff members' Alma library affiliation.
      • If the staff member performs their duties at only one Alma library at your institution, list the Alma Library name or code.
      • If your institution has more than one Alma Library, and the staff member performs their duties at more than one, you can either 1) list the staff member in multiple rows for the profile, each row paired with a different library, or 2) list the staff member once with multiple libraries in the same row, separated by semi-colons.
      • If your institution has more than one Alma Library, and if the staff member performs their duties at every Alma library at your institution, you can type "All" in the scope column.
  4. The Alma/Primo VE contact should upload the completed spreadsheet to your library's Box folder no later than 5pm on Monday, November 25, 2019.
  5. The Alma/Primo VE contact should then send an email to after uploading the file to let CARLI know it is ready.

The Alma Roles assigned to staff can be modified. As your library is working in Alma during the test period, you can send any questions about modifying staff permissions to

CARLI-Created Profiles

Profile Name Roles
Circulation Students Circulation Desk Operator (Limited)
Circulation Staff

Circulation Desk Operator
Course Reserves Viewer
Fulfillment Operator
Requests Operator

Access/Fulfillment Manager

Circulation Desk Manager
Course Reserves Manager
Course Reserves Operator
Fulfillment Manager
Fulfillment Operator
Requests Operator
User Manager

Cataloging Staff Electronic Inventory Operator
Electronic Inventory Operator Extended
Physical Inventory Operator
Physical Inventory Operator Extended
Cataloger Extended
Cataloging/Import Manager Electronic Inventory Operator
Electronic Inventory Operator Extended
Physical Inventory Operator
Physical Inventory Operator Extended
Repository Manager
Catalog Manager
Cataloger Extended
Acquisitions Staff Fund-Ledger Viewer
Invoice Manager
Invoice Operator
Purchasing Operator
Purchasing Operator Extended
Receiving Operator
Acquisitions/Electronic Resources Manager Fiscal Period Manager
Fund Manager
Invoice Manager
Invoice Operator Extended
Ledger Manager
License Manager
Purchasing Manager
Purchasing Operator
Purchasing Operator Extended
Receiving Operator
Vendor Account Manager
Vendor Manager
Read Only Configuration Acquisitions Administrator Read Only
Catalog Administrator Read Only
Fulfillment Administrator Read Only
Repository Administrator Read Only
Letter Administrator Read Only
General System Administrator Read Only
User Administrator Read Only
Analytics and Reports User

Design Analytics