Updating the Migration Form

CARLI announced the I-Share Alma Migration Form Online Update Survey on March 19, 2020.

Related deadline: April 1, complete the online version. This form should be submitted once, by each I-Share Institution's Alma/Primo VE designated contact.  PDF version for reference only.

CARLI has created this online survey to collect any changes that need to be made to your institution's Migration Form for the production/cutover load. Changes to the Migration Form are not necessary, and many libraries will have no changes to make, but we will use this online survey as the mechanism for you to confirm for us that you have no changes.

Please see the recording and slides of the March 19th Open Office Hours for more information!


The purpose of the Migration Form is to indicate how the Voyager data are migrated to Alma.  Over the past several months, you have been reviewing how your institution's data migrated to Alma, and now you have the opportunity to make any changes to the migration decisions that were made during the Test load. We expect that most libraries will not need to make any changes based on the outcomes of the Test migration.

  • For reference, you can find a copy of your institution's Test Migration Form in your Box folder in the "XXX Production Load" folder with the filename "Alma Production Migration Form XXX_DRAFT.xlsx".
  • Each library's Test Migration Form was created by CARLI using the answers collected on the "I-Share Alma Migration/Implementation Form" survey, the "Alma Libraries Spreadsheet", and the "Alma Location Spreadsheet" that were completed by Alma/Primo VE Contacts last summer, due on July 23, 2019.

If you previously corresponded with or spoke with CARLI staff about making changes to any of your institution's decisions, or if you have already edited the Alma Test Migration Form XXX_FINAL.xlsx in your Box folder, you must still complete this online survey to indicate any updates/changes.

Please contact with any questions.