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Library Tasks "Day One" and Beyond in Alma / Primo VE

Last Updated: September 17, 2020

Now that Alma / Primo VE are "Live" what tasks should immediately be addressed by library staff? What tasks can be addressed later? 
CARLI Staff have been putting together a list of activities you may want to consider.

Alma and Primo VE Known Issues has moved to its own ebpage as we prepare to retire *this* Day One and Beyond page in the near future.

Day One Tasks

  • Test Logging in: to Alma; to Primo VE
  • Test Circulating a book
  • You may upload Alma Offline Circulation files, if you used the Alma Offline circulation tool to check items out between June 19-24.

For those libraries that have not yet completed this work:

"As soon as possible" Tasks

Summertime tasks

  • Fulfillment:
    • Libraries should review reports, that CARLI will provide from Voyager, that include items that had the status of: On Hold, In Transit-On Hold, and In Transit-Discharged items.
      • Given the variations in how items in these statuses migrated to Alma, plus the paused state of resource sharing, libraries can review the items in the lists when they are back with their physical collections and can search for materials.
  • Fulfillment/Physical Resource Management
    • Libraries should review items that were assigned the Alma process status of "Technical - Migration," and consider modifying items to have statuses that reflect the status that was found in Voyager before the migration.