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Open Educational Resources: Presentations & Webinars

CARLI Presentations and Webinars

IACRL Spark Program: CARLI's OER Commons Hub: Open Illinois

Presentation about the Open Illinois Hub, a new OER tool for Illinois higher education institutions on April 1, 2022. (time: 51 minutes)

Open Pedagogy in OER Series

Workshop 1: Introducing Open Pedagogy: From Open Resources to Equitable, Student-Centered Practices presented by Will Cross on March 8, 2022. 

In this workshop Will Cross introduces open pedagogy, an access-oriented commitment to learner driven education. Just as open educational resources can remove financial barriers for students, open pedagogy empowers faculty and students to build courses that reflect and connect out to the world in which they live. This workshop introduces the core values of open pedagogy and walks you through successful models for putting open pedagogy into practice.


Workshop 2: Implementing Open Pedagogy: Outreach and Advocacy for Developing Faculty Partnerships presented by Will Cross on March 15, 2022. 

In this workshop Will Cross explores strategies for making open pedagogy work at your institution. Building on the Introducing Open Pedagogy workshop, Will Cross explores strategies for developing a team to support open pedagogy and develop a tailored action plan for connecting with faculty instructors. Because this session is focused on outreach and team building, attendees are encouraged to invite colleagues from across campus including instructional designers, learning technology experts and, of course, faculty instructors. 


Open Illinois Hub Overview

Presented by Elizabeth Clarage and Nicole Swanson, CARLI on October 27, 2021 (time: 53 minutes)

Building An OER Workshop for Your Campus

Connie Ghinazzi (Augustana College), Janet Swatscheno (University of Illinois at Chicago), and Elizabeth Clarage (CARLI), presented topics that you might include as you develop faculty OER workshops at this webinar presented on May 22, 2019. (time: 54 minutes)

OER Workshop: April 29, 2019

The CARLI Open Educational Resources Task Force sponsored an OER Workshop at Loyola University Chicago. The workshop included a keynote from Rebel Cummings-Sauls from the Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative on building support for a campus OER program. Members of the CARLI OER Task Force shared their experience with different aspects of campus OER programs.

Is That OER? Making Sense of the Current Textbook Affordability Landscape

Bell, Stephen. 2017. This is a recording of a webinar by Stephen Bell that was given to CARLI members. (time: 63 minutes)

Promoting OER on Your Campus: Basics and Best Practices

Presentation slides

Anne Chernaik (College of Lake County), Chris Diaz (Northwestern University), and Anne Shelley (Illinois State University) gave an introduction on OER to the CARLI community on January 17, 2018. (time: 61 minutes)

Faculty Experiences on Teaching with OER

CARLI and LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network joined together to bring an exciting webinar on open educational resources (OER) to you during Open Education Week 2018.

This webinar features a panel of faculty from Illinois and Louisiana discussing their experiences in teaching with OER. The session was moderated by Lisa Petrides from ISKME, and the panelists were Esteban D. Araya, Western Illinois University, Kelly Black, College of Lake County, Francesca Mellieon-Williams, Southern University, and Mollye Russell, Baton Rouge Community College. The webinar is perfect for administrators, faculty, and staff interested in learning more about how open education resources can be incorporated into their courses. (time: 61 minutes)

OER Presentations

Tips for Starting an OER Initiative

Abbey Elder (Iowa State University) shares best practices for institutions developing an OER initiative for the first time. In addition to discussing how her team created Iowa State University's OER initiative, Abbey includes how you can apply the lessons she learned to your own work. Slides and worksheets are also available. The Illinois Community Colleges Online (ILCCO) sponsored this presentation.

Open Educational Resources (OER): Exploring Free Textbooks - A presentation for faculty at Olivet Nazarene University — Cieszynski, Jasmine, Hippenhammer, Craighton and McGrady, Lisa. 2016. For questions, contact .

Open Educational Resources and Libraries: A Primer — Hill, Jacob and Sietmann, Caroline. 2016. Illinois Association of College and Research Libraries biennial conference. Rosemont, IL. - This presentation on OER resources was presented at the IACRL Conference on March 2016. It served as a primer on OER definitions, examples, trends, and copyright-related information. For questions, contact , Elmhurst College.

Open Educational Resources Workshop, Open Access Week 2017, Illinois State University — Shelley, Anne. 2017. This presentation by Anne Shelley, at Illinois State University's Milner Library, was given during Open Access Week 2017. It provides an introduction to open educational resources, why they are being used at colleges and universities and discusses the roles that libraries and librarians can play. It also summarizes CARLI's membership in the Open Textbook Network and what she learned during OTN training, including talking with faculty about open textbooks, tracking student savings, and building a program on campus. For more information, contact .
Open Educational Resources — Zellmer, Linda. This is a pdf of a presentation given at faculty development workshops at Western Illinois University. For more information contact .


Affordable Learning Georgia — has a collection of webinars on a variety of topics related to Open Educational Resources available online.

Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources also has a collection of webinars on OER.

OER Training Webinars from OER Commons.

OpenOregon Webinars. Open Oregon Educational Resources promotes textbook affordability for community college and university students.

Softchalk Webinars on OER - webinar series that explains the different facets of OER including WHAT OER is, WHY it’s important, HOW to find the resources and WHERE you start.

Understanding OER in 10 Videos — This is a suite of videos by a variety of speakers that describes Open Educational Resources, why they are needed, and examples of OER projects. 
Why Open Educational Resources Matter — Walsh, Brendan. 2012. This video was submitted for the "Why Open Education Matters" video contest.