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Open Educational Resources: Creative Commons

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons
Creative Commons is a nonprofit corporation that provides free licenses and other legal tools to mark creative work with the freedom the creator wants it to carry, so others can share, remix, use commercially, or any combination thereof.

CARLI - Creative Commons Information - Handouts, Presentations, Videos, and More
Resources about Creative Commons created by CARLI Members.

"Get Creative: On the Origins of Creative Commons" (~6 minutes)
This Creative Commons animated film covers the basics of why the organization was formed, what they do and how.

Choose a Creative Commons License
This page helps you choose the creative commons license you want to use by answering a few simple questions.

Kleinman, M. (2008). The beauty of “Some Rights Reserved”: Introducing Creative Commons to librarians, faculty, and students. College & Research Libraries News, 69(10), 594-597. doi:

Licensing with Creative Commons
Fact sheet from Creative Commons USA

Test Your Knowledge: Match the Creative Commons License (OER License Game)
Activity that that provides users the opportunity to test your Creative Commons knowledge includes scenarios from both author and user perspectives.

Creative Commons Search
Creative Commons provides a search system for images with CC licenses on a variety of platforms, including Flickr, Jamendo, Google Images, and more.


Best Practices for Attribution
From the Creative Commons wiki, their guidance for properly attributing resources.

Quill West's resource explaining citations and attributions
10 slide presentation, "Citations vs. Attributions: And how to deal with them in you work"

Open Attribution Builder from Open Washington
Online tool to build accurate attribution for works with Creative Commons licenses.

Attributing Creative Commons Materials
This handout, created by Creative Commons Australia, covers how to properly attribute content.