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Open Educational Resources: Illinois Higher Education Data

National Resources

Trends in College Pricing (College Board)
A reference resource for students about how to budget for college, including information about net prices and tuition & fees over time. Reports, tables, and raw data are available for download.

Find Your Future (College Board)
A tool to help students select a college or university. College Board uses both their own survey and data from the CDS. A search on their site may provide the annual expense of “books and supplies” if neither a Google search nor institutional website search identifies the information.

Common Data Set Initiative
A collaborative effort among data providers in the higher education community and publishers as represented by the College Board, Peterson's, and U.S. News & World Report.

State Higher Education Finance (SHEEO)
National data higher education financial data from the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association.

Student Debt Data, Institute for College Access & Success
Information on tuition, fees, and average student debt by state and institution.

Student Debt and the Class of 2019, Institute for College Access & Success
Annual report on debt of bachelor’s degree graduates from public and non-profit colleges.

Student Loans vs Consumer Revolving (credit card) Debt
National data from the U.S. Federal Reserve

Illinois Resources

Illinois Board of Higher Education
Data and statistics from the IBHE.

To identify what your own institution estimates to be the annual expenses for the cost of books and supplies:

  1. Google Search:  “common data set” “name of institution”
  2. In Section G: Annual Expenses, item G5 “Books and Supplies”
  3. Sometimes doing a search on the institution’s website for “common data set” will bring up your local information.