I-Share Union View

Revised: Sept. 8, 2023

The I-Share Union View is a Primo VE discovery interface that presents I-Share-specific branding and provides searching across the entire I-Share network for I-Share users, library staff, and visitors from around the world.

What is the I-Share Union View?

The I-Share Union View allows users to search all resources across the 90 institutions participating in I-Share, including physical inventory, electronic inventory, and external data sources imported into local Primo VEs. External data sources may include things like CARLI Digital Collections, institutional repositories, digital assessment management systems, and LibGuides, which are otherwise only viewable in the institutional Primo VE interface to which they were added.

Users at I-Share institutions will be able to log in to the I-Share Union View using their current authentication method to place requests for physical items, access electronic resources, and view their account once authentication has been set up by your institution. See more information on authentication below.

People who are not affiliated with an I-Share institution will not be able to log in or request items, but they will be able to search the I-Share Union View for information on all of the resources available within I-Share.

Does the I-Share Union View replace the "All I-Share Libraries" search slot currently in my institution's Primo VE? Do I need to start directing users to this to search I-Share?

The I-Share Union View does not replace the "All I-Share Libraries" search scope in your Primo VE, and you do not need to direct your users to it in order to search other libraries than your own. The I-Share Union View is simply an alternative, institution-neutral interface into all libraries' collections.  The I-Share Union View will retrieve everything that users can retrieve via the "All I-Share Libraries" search, and in addition, it also contains results from external data sources from other institutions.

How can a user connect to the I-Share Union View?

Go to the I-Share Union View.

Or choose the "I-Share Union View" from the dropdown list on the I-Share Libraries selection page.

The direct URL, if you would like to cut and paste it, is:

How does a user Sign In to the I-Share Union View?

In the I-Share Union View site, go to the "Sign in" link in the upper right.

Choose your institution from the list.

You will then be taken to a sign in page. Sign in with your institutional credentials.

After I successfully sign in to the I-Share Union View, why does the URL change?

After you successfully log in, the "vid=" parameter of the URL will change to be the code for your I-Share institution and your session is affiliated with that institution in order to provide you with the appropriate request options for physical materials and delivery options for electronic services.

For example, the URL begins as


but if a user signs in from Eureka College, it will change to


so that the user from Eureka College will get the correct options and services for Eureka College.

I get an error or can't sign in to the I-Share Union View. Why doesn't it work?

I-Share institutions' Liaisons and Directors were sent information on July 22, 2021 on how to configure authentication for the I-Share Union View. Each individual institution must complete this configuration within their local authentication system. 

  • I-Share Institutions that use SAML, Shibboleth, Azure, ADFS, or OpenAthens to authenticate users in Primo VE will need to create a second relying party in their IDP for the I-Share Union View URL. This is in addition to the relying party that allows logging on to their institution’s Primo VE.
  • For institutions authenticating with OpenAthens, CARLI staff may be able to perform this set-up in Open Athens configuration for I-Share institutions to which we have access.
  • I-Share Institutions that use CAS to authenticate users in Primo VE should configure CAS to trust the Union View URL.

For more information on the configurations needed, please contact .

Why should I-Share institutions configure authentication to the I-Share Union View even if the institution doesn’t intend to use it?

Users may find the I-Share Union View site even if their home institution chooses not to market it or promote it directly. The I-Share Union View will be linked from the CARLI website and presented as an option on the I-Share Libraries selection page. Therefore, CARLI strongly encourages that all I-Share institutions configure authentication for the Union View in case their users discover it so that their users will be able to log in successfully.

Can ILLINET Libraries request materials through the I-Share Union View?

Unfortunately, no, this is not possible.  Please review the announcement about ILLINET Libraries and contact with any questions.

Is the I-Share Union View a test system?

No, the I-Share Union view is a production system with real, live data. Item Availability information and a user's My Library Card information will be current, and any requests placed or renewals made while signed into the I-Share Union View will be processed.