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Uninstalling Oracle ODBC Drivers

Alma uses it's own interface to Oracle Analytics, so institutions no longer need to have Oracle ODBC drivers installed on staff workstations. Follow these instructions to delete the Oracle drivers from your workstations.

To uninstall Oracle Software and the ODBC driver, locate the Universal Installer application. You may find this in the Windows menu under Oracle - OraClient10g_home, or you may use the Setup.exe file from C:\oracle10g\10203_client_vista-win7\.

1. Run the Universal Installer
2. Select the Deinstall Products button
3. On the Inventory screen, Contents tab, tick the box next to any OraClient10g_home that is listed. If no homes are listed, tick the box for Show empty homes.
4. Select the Remove button.
5. On the Confirmation screen, select the Yes button.
6. When you return to the Inventory screen, select the Close button.
7. On the Welcome screen, select Cancel and exit the installer.
8. Restart your workstation.
9. After restarting, locate the folder where Oracle was installed (should be C:\oracle).
10. Delete the oracle folder. If prompted for administrator permissions, choose continue.
11. Restart your workstation again.