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Troubleshooting the WorldCat API in Primo VE

Revised: November 7, 2022

In Primo VE, a WorldCat search slot can be configured using the WorldCat API as a third-party index.

If you have enabled the WorldCat API search scope slot in Primo VE, but it is not returning any results, check the following:

Check that the correct WorldCat API key has been input into Alma here:

Alma Configuration > Discovery > Search Configuration > Search Profiles > Other Indexes tab > WORLDCAT_API

  • If the API key is not correct, edit it to fix it in Alma, save, and try searching Primo VE again.
  • If the API key is correct as far as you know, you will need to check with OCLC Support to make sure that you have the correct API key information and that it is current, valid, and has the proper permissions.

See also the OCLC Developer Network WorldCat Search API documentation.