Primo VE Resources

Rev. April 1, 2020

Overview of Primo VE for I-Share Libraries

  • December 4, 2019 - Primo VE Environments Released to I-Share Libraries for Testing
  • Primo VE provides discovery for the library’s catalog of physical and electronic resources, as well as consortial resources and resource sharing.
  • Primo VE will include a Central Knowledge Base of e-resource packages and authority records. (coming in February 2020)
  • All I-Share libraries have Primo VE at no extra charge and Primo VE will replace New VuFind, VuFind 0.6, and WebVoyage as the interface that CARLI supports for all institutions.
  • In Primo VE, patrons can view their account and all items checked out or requested from all I-Share institutions, place requests (as allowed), and renew materials.
  • There will be a Union Catalog View branded as I-Share that contains all I-Share libraries’ holdings at a separate URL. (coming soon)

CARLI Documentation and Information

Primo VE Customizations: Getting Started for CARLI I-Share Institutions

Primo VE Customizations: View Configuration Tabs

CARLI's Alma and Primo VE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Common Primo VE Customizations

Primo VE default display fields - Primo VE comes with a set of predefined fields for display. This document describes which are turned on by default and which are not in the Details section (also known as the Details Service).

Primo VE and EBSCO Databases  

Ex Libris Documentation, Training Videos, and Information

Ex Libris Knowledge Center Primo VE Documentation Page - This page provides links to all Primo VE documentation. Selected links for specific tasks/information are highlighted below:

Ex Libris Knowledge Center Primo VE Training Videos Page - This page provides links to all Primo VE training videos. Selected videos are highlighted below:

  • Getting Started with Primo VE - 3 short videos provide an overview to Primo VE (23 mins. total)
  • Using Primo VE - the first video (22 mins.) describes how to search and refine results and print/save/email them; the second video (24 mins.) describes how Primo VE works and how resources are presented
  • Configuring the User Interface - 5 short videos on configuration (23 mins. total)
  • Primo VE Certification Videos - This set of 6 videos (62 mins. total) provides a broad overview of Primo VE Configuration and can be watched anytime independently from Primo VE Certification training.

Ex Libris Primo VE Release Notes Pages

Ex Libris Feature Alignment Schedule for Primo VE

Ex Libris Alma Release Schedule for 2020 - Primo VE is part of Alma, so the Alma release schedule applies to Primo VE.

Ex Libris Advanced Development Resources for Customization

Ex Libris GitHub Development Environment

Ex Libris GitHub Explore Package