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Libraries Using Primo VE

Primo VE is a separate application from Primo Classic. CARLI I-Share libraries are implementing Primo VE, not Primo Classic.  When viewing other libraries' catalogs, one way to determine if a Primo catalog is Classic or VE is to look for "primo-explore" in the URL. If you see "primo-explore" then it is Primo Classic and any customizations made to that catalog are likely not applicable to the CARLI I-Share implementation of Primo VE. For example, Northwestern University uses Primo Classic, not Primo VE.

The following are libraries that have been verified as using Primo VE. It was based on the list kept by ELUNA of sites using Primo VE and Primo Classic, but libraries running Primo Classic have been removed. Other libraries discovered during the spring of 2020 have been added. Members of CARLI Instruction and Public Services Committees created this list to reference for the work during early 2020. This page will not be updated.

Last updated on April 23, 2020.