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Ex Libris Knowledge Days 2021 and CARLI Post-Session Discussions

Ex Libris Knowledge Days 2021, the training complement to the ELUNA Annual Conference, will be held from June 1, 2021 to July 1, 2021. Registration for these sessions is free and will cover 10 different Alma topics.

View the full slate of sessions, and register for individual sessions of interest or for several sessions at once

After each session, CARLI staff will host an informal follow-up discussion via Zoom for I-Share library staff share what they learned and discuss how that information may be applied in the I-Share consortial environment. There will be no formal presentation, and attendees may participate via voice and chat. The CARLI discussion sessions will be recorded and posted later with notes.


See the links below, or view the CARLI events calendar for access to the CARLI discussion sessions.

June 1, Handling Related Records

Handling Related Records Chat

June 3, Alma Analytics for Beginners

Coming Soon

June 8, Managing E-resources: The basics

Managing E-Resources CARLI Notes and Ex Libris Presentation Chat Q&A

June 10, Central Discovery Index

CDI Chat and links

June 15, Managing COUNTER-Compliant Usage Data

Coming Soon

June 17, Optimize and Streamline Alma Workflows

Video Coming Soon

CARLI Post-Discussion Notes and Ex Libris Presentation Chat Q&A

June 22, Overlap Analysis and Deselection Tools with Alma Analytics

Coming Soon

June 24, Designing and Using Normalization Rules

Coming Soon

June 29, Managing E-Resources: Advanced

July 1, Fundamentals of Sets and Jobs

Previous Years' Knowledge Days

Ex Libris has provided links to previous years' Knowledge Days sessions. 

Knowledge Days 2020, includes slides and recordings

Knowledge Days 2019, includes slides and PDFs