UB Stat 2: Incoming ILL FY 2014

Incoming ILL represents items borrowed by your patrons from other I-Share libraries. An On-site borrowing transaction is one in which your patron visits the other library and completes the circulation transaction there. A Remote borrowing transaction is one in which your patron requests an item, the item is sent to your library, and is charged at your library.

UB Stat 1: Outgoing ILL FY 2014

Outgoing ILL represents items loaned by your library to each I-Share library and the ILLINET libraries. An On-site lending transaction is one in which the patron of the other library walks in to your library to complete the circulation transaction. A remote lending transaction is one in which the patron from the other library requests the item, the item is sent to their desired pickup location, and is charged there.

Borrowing and Lending Comparison FY2014

Lending [Outgoing] and Borrowing [Incoming] totals in one view for easy comparison.

Unique Title Counts 2014

The Unique Titles column represents the number of titles in your library held by no other I-Share library.

Library Record Counts FY 2014

The Bib column represents the number of bibliographic records in your library’s database. The Bibs w/o MFHDs column is a subset of that count and represents bibliographic records without associated MFHDs or holdings. The MFHD column represents the number of MFHD (MARC Format for Holdings Data) records in your library’s database. The MFHDs w/o items column is a subset of that count and represents MFHDs without associated item records. These could feasibly represent serial holdings that do not have barcoded items attached.

Network Outage this Saturday, July 12th

This Saturday, July 12th between 4AM and Noon, UIUC campus networking staff (CITES) will replace the backbone routers connected to the Production CARLI Data Center.

For some period of time during this upgrade, all CARLI services could be unavailable.

Information about this network event, any status updates, and an announcement that work has been completed can be found on the following website:

I-Share Next Task Force Members Selected

On behalf of the CARLI Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce that the members of the I-Share Next Task Force have been selected. The Board approved the roster of the Task Force at their June 6 meeting, and all those invited to serve have now accepted.

The Task Force members are:

CARLI Seeking Applications for I-Share Next Task Force

CARLI is seeking applications for membership on the soon-to-be-established I-Share Next Task Force. This group will be charged with coordinating the complex and challenging task of identifying a product to ultimately replace Voyager as the operating platform for the CAR

EBL eBook PDA Pilot Project

The CARLI EBL eBook Patron Driven Acquisitions Pilot Project is now live for all CARLI Governing Member institutions.
You have two ways of discovering and accessing these eBooks: a) by going directly to an EBL website for the project, or b) from MARC records in your catalog.

I-Share Next Task Force Application

CARLI is seeking volunteers interested in serving on the I-Share Next Task Force. The I-Share Next Task Force will coordinate the effort and advise the CARLI staff, CARLI Board of directors, and CARLI membership on all matters related to the selection of the next generation of I-Share, i.e., a shared library management system that will ultimately replace Voyager for CARLI’s I-Share participant institutions.

Assessment in a Day: IACRL Preconference

Presented Thursday, March 20, 2014

A day long event focused on library assessment. Attendees began the day with an overview of the types of assessment that happen within academic libraries, and then continued with a session on web analytics and assessment of technical services.

Changing Landscapes in Technical Services Forum

Presented on Tuesday April 8, 2014 by the CARLI Technical Services Committee

Description: Sessions highlighted the immense changes that are affecting technical services, with special attention to RDA and its implications for individual libraries and the consortium as a whole. 

Speakers: MJ Han and Tim Cole (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Gary Strawn (Northwestern University), and members of the Technical Services Committee.

UIUC Database Outage April 15

At 10:51AM this morning, our Database Administrator changed the Oracle password for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) database account to run some tests. He thought he was logged into the Oracle Test server, but he was actually logged into the Production Oracle server. This caused Voyager client errors, forced UIUC circulation clients into "offline circ" mode, displayed "The catalog is not available" message in UIUC's WebVoyage instance, and blocked UIUC's VuFind access.

No Heartbleed on CARLI Servers

The Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL has been all over the news this week. It is a serious enough problem that it even has its own website (www.heartbleed.com). We scanned our systems and we did not find this problem on any of them, so there is no need to worry about changing passwords on CARLI systems at this time.

UIUC DNS Outage Today (April 4th)

The UIUC Domain Name Service (DNS) went offline at approximately 3:06PM today and campus networking staff report that it was brought back online at 3:42PM. The DNS service translates human-friendly names (i.e. voyager.carli.illinois.edu) into computer-friendly addresses (i.e.

Without this service, some CARLI servers are unable to lookup addresses so that they can talk to other CARLI servers. The campus Voice-over-IP phone service also was impacted by this outage which resulted in busy signals when calling our office.

I-Share Systems Committee Minutes 03-17-2014

Conference Call

Members attending:

Kirk Hess (UIU),  Colin Koteles (COD), James LeFager (DPU), Rong Li (ISU), Edith List (PRC), April Levy (COL), TJ Lusher (NIU), Heather Parisi (DOM), Karl Pettitt (NIU)

Staff attending:

Kris Hammerstrand, Paige Weston

Introduction to Voyager Access Reporting

This video series was created by CARLI staff member Cathy Salika (retired) in February of 2014.

I-Share Systems Committee Minutes 02-17-2014

Conference Call

Members attending:

Kirk Hess (UIU),  Colin Koteles (COD), James LeFager (DPU), Edith List (PRC), TJ Lusher (NIU), Rong Li (ISU), Heather Parisi (DOM), Karl Pettitt (NIU)

Members Absent:

April Levy (COL)

Staff attending:

Kris Hammerstrand, Cathy Salika, Ted Schwitzner, Paige Weston

I-Share Welcomes 4 New Libraries

Please join us in welcoming 4 new libraries to I-Share.

I-Share Systems Committee

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