I-Share Welcomes 4 New Libraries

Please join us in welcoming 4 new libraries to I-Share.

I-Share Systems Committee

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Launching the Search for I-Share Next

CARLI is beginning the first phase of the lengthy formal process of selecting and implementing the system that will ultimately replace Voyager as the software platform for I-Share. We do not plan to rename I-Share, but for clarity while we are still running Voyager and planning for its replacement, we will be using the phrase “I-Share Next” to refer to our future system.

CARLI Seeking Proposals for FY2014 Research Subsidy Program

CARLI is seeking proposals for the FY2014 Research Subsidy Program. Funded by the CARLI Board of Directors, the research awards will support research projects in Governing member libraries. Projects should have the potential to impact libraries and the library profession positively, have the potential to provide a useful addition to the existing literature, and be of interest or use to CARLI libraries. Total funding for FY2014 is $25,000.

SSL Certificate Expiration - Update

As of 10:00 pm on Tuesday, January 21, the SSL Certificate has been renewed and users should no longer see an "expired certificate" warning when accessing online catalogs.

I-Share Systems Committee Minutes 01-10-2014

Conference Call

Members attending:

Kirk Hess (UIU),  James LeFager (DPU), TJ Lusher (NIU), Rong Li (ISU), Heather Parisi (DOM), Karl Pettitt (NIU)

Members Absent:

Colin Koteles (COD), April Levy (COL), Edith List (PRC)

Staff attending:

Cathy Salika, Ted Schwitzner, Paige Weston

I-Share Systems Committee Minutes 11-18-2013

Conference Call

Members attending:

Colin Koteles (COD), April Levy (COL), TJ Lusher (NIU), Rong Li (ISU) , Heather Parisi (DOM), Karl Pettitt (NIU), Edith List (PRC)

Members Absent:

Kirk Hess (UIU), James LeFager (DPU)

Staff attending:

Cathy Salika, Paige Weston

Editing the Acqbib.cfg File for I-Share Libraries to Include “Suppress from UC” Coding

The Suppress from UC option allows for records to be visible in a local library OPAC, but the bibs are not added to the I-Share Universal Catalog (UC). This is accomplished by coding the 049 field in the bibliographic record with $u nouc. For complete information on the Suppress from UC option, see the Suppressing Bibliographic Records from the I-Share Universal Catalog using the “Suppress from UC Function” document.