CARLI News August 30, 2023

Welcome to New CARLI Staff Members

Please join us in welcoming our two new part-time graduate assistants to the CARLI Team! We are very happy to have Amy Enberg and Sara Mercurio on board to help with the FY24 Alma migrations. 

Libraries as Partners Project

The Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) Library at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign received a $150,000 IMLS grant for the Libraries as Partners Project. IFSI along with partners, the University of Illinois School of Information Sciences (iSchool), and the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI), will conduct a preliminary investigation into partnerships between libraries and community emergency response during crisis by focusing on three key areas: 1) types of emergencies that libraries have responded to in the past; 2) scope and nature of library-community partnerships; and 3) role of libraries during a crisis. The project will create case studies, survey libraries and community partners, and host two Community Engagement Roundtables (CERs) with library staff, community partners, and participants from across the nation. A survey report, two CERs findings reports, and one project white paper will serve as project deliverables and their results will provide a baseline understanding of how libraries can establish and maintain successful partnerships with community emergency response groups during crises.

The project team includes Dr. Lian Ruan, IFSI Head Librarian and Director of IFSI International Programs, as Project Director; Dr. Jessie Chin as Research Director; Sharon L. Comstock, Teaching Assistant Professor at the iSchool, as Coordinator for the Advisory Committee and National Advisory Board; Anne Craig, Director of CARLI, as Member Engagement Coordinator; Karen Brown, Professor Emerita, School of Information Studies, Dominican University, as Facilitator; and Kelda Habing, IFSI Research and Grants Librarian, as Project Assistant.

Keep an eye out for updates about the Libraries as Partners project in the next few months!

CARLI Annual Meeting & Directors Meeting

Please join us for the 2023 CARLI Annual Meeting to be held Thursday, November 16, at the I Hotel and Conference Center in Champaign. Registration is now open. The agenda is not yet finalized.  

A meeting of the CARLI Governing Directors will precede the Annual Meeting. Directors should also register for this meeting if they are planning to attend. A separate registration is required for each meeting. 

Space is limited. Registration for both meetings closes Tuesday, November 7.

CARLI staff has obtained a small block of rooms at the reduced rate of $169.00 for guests that would like to stay in Champaign at the I Hotel the night before the meetings. You can call the hotel at 217-819-5000 or make the reservation online with this information: The room block expires on October 2. 

  • Group Code: CARLINOV23
  • PW: te&7M

CY24 Selection System

The selection system for calendar year 2024 subscription commitments will be open on or around October 9 and will remain open until November 10.

There are several things in the works for 2024, including the new JSTOR model that has been discussed throughout this year. Announcements about the selection system will be sent through the e-resources contacts email list. Make sure your library has up-to-date contact information, so you don't miss any important e-resources news! Send any changes to your e-resources contacts to .

Illinois Course Materials Survey: Student Perspective

CARLI needs your help! It is critical that we have broad participation in the "Illinois Course Materials Survey: Student Perspective",  first shared with our membership in April 2023, so that we can document the need for Open Educational Resources. Please distribute this important survey on your campus this fall. 
The survey was developed by CARLI and its Open Educational Resources Committee to help identify Illinois students' needs regarding affordable course materials and interest in Open Educational Resources. To date, we have about 700 responses. Florida had about 13,000 for their similar survey. In short, Illinois needs many more responses! 
The survey has been approved by the University of Illinois Office for the Protection of Research Subjects. It can be distributed throughout 2023 and can be shared during more than one academic term. Learn more about this survey, view two possible student outreach messages for distributing the survey to students, and view a review version of the survey questions without completing the live survey on the project website.
 CARLI staff are happy to help you complete any campus permission forms you may need to share the survey at your institution. 

CARLI members distributing the survey have found a multi-pronged approach to be very successful in reaching students. A combination of direct emails to students, sharing the survey via the campus learning management system, emails to faculty and deans notifying them about the survey, and reaching out to other campus groups like your student government association are all great ways to reach students to invite them to participate. If you are sharing the survey in other creative ways, we’d love to hear your methods.

Also, consider the timing of your approach. Sharing the survey a few weeks into the semester after financial aid reimbursements have been distributed would allow more students to understand what wasn’t covered by their financial aid. It’s also helpful to send a reminder. The survey can be distributed each term, and students can participate for each term in which they are enrolled. The survey will remain open until 12/31/23. 

Please bring any questions you have to our September 7, 1:00 p.m. Office Hour. Or, email questions at any time to

Ethnographic Research Methods in Libraries Workshop

Library UX Chicago is pleased to host Dr. Donna Lanclos and Dr. Andrew Asher for an in-person workshop on ethnographic research methods in libraries held at DePaul University's John T. Richardson Library on the Lincoln Park campus on October 3, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

CARLI and RAILS will sponsor this full-day workshop that empowers participants to think critically about the contexts in which their library's services and spaces operate. Participants will work together to identify patterns and trends in ethnographic data which they will be asked to collect prior to the workshop. They will learn frameworks for analyzing qualitative data, strategies for identifying and communicating actionable insights with these data, and approaches to developing areas for future inquiry or partnership.

Learning outcomes:

  • Participants will gain experience with the use of qualitative methods for data collection in various institutional contexts.
  • Participants will connect qualitative methods to important questions about people and practices within and around their institutional contexts.
  • Participants will gain experience with frameworks and processes for developing conclusions and recommendations based on qualitative data.

Dr. Andrew Asher is the Assessment Librarian at Indiana University Bloomington, where he leads the libraries’ qualitative and quantitative assessment programs, conducts research on the anthropology of information, and teaches research methods in information science.

Dr. Donna Lanclos is an anthropologist who has been working with libraries and higher education as her field site since 2009.

Registration is free and open to all Illinois libraries.

Electronic Collections in Alma Are Now Easier to Identify

You can now see Alma Electronic Collection IDs in two places: the CARLI Selection System and a CARLI webpage.

When you log into the Selection System at: and look at your lists of subscriptions from CY23 and FY24 you will now see information about the associated collection in Alma's Community Zone. This information will carry forward into subsequent calendar year and fiscal year cycles. The field is for the id number, but will also have information about collection name, if the product is a portfolio, and the interface when the information in the Selection System differs from the information in the Alma CZ.

Additionally, there is also a CARLI webpage with the list of selected products and associated CZ Electronic Collection identifier. You can get to this page by searching "collection ids" in the search box from the CARLI homepage or by navigating from Products & Services tab > I-Share > Documentation > E-Resources Management (scroll down to middle of page) > Electronic Collections (first section on page) > Alma Community Zone (CZ) Electronic Collection IDs (last arrow in first section).

If you find that information in the webpage has changed, please let us know by sending an email to .

CARLI Offering Registration Support for OEN's Certificate in OER Librarianship Program

Interested in a deeper dive around Open Educational Resources (OER) or need support in implementing an OER program at your institution from experts? In support of CARLI member libraries' OER efforts, the CARLI Open Educational Resources Committee is pleased to announce that funding is available for up to five CARLI member librarians to attend the Open Education Network's Certificate in OER Librarianship Program.

The certificate program includes online content, mentor-led cohort meetings, and program development support. A culminating final project helps participants put what they have learned into action. Librarians who successfully complete the eight-month program will receive a Certificate in OER Librarianship from the Open Education Network. 

If you are interested in learning more about the OER Librarianship Program, CARLI is hosting an information session on September 20. Members who have completed the program will share their experiences and answer your questions. Please register by September 19 if you would like to attend. 

For detailed information about how to receive CARLI support for this program, visit CARLI's program web page or send an email to .

For questions about available scholarships or other questions about the OEN Certificate in OER Librarianship, please see OEN's Frequently Asked Questions

OER Updates

OER Community Chat (formerly called OER Office Hours)

The CARLI OER Committee Community Chats are intended as a space for Illinois libraries to have a conversation, to share their current experiences, and to learn from each other. They will not be recorded; however, discussion points will be shared after each session.

Please join these informal discussions this semester.

Registration for each session is required. 

CARLI OER Faculty Workshop: Open Textbooks: Access, Affordability, and Academic Success

Please share this opportunity with your teaching faculty!

The CARLI OER Committee invites the teaching faculty at your institutions to attend a workshop about open educational resources including open textbooks on September 13, 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. 

The workshop will identify:

  • what are open educational resources (OER);
  • benefits and motivations for using OER;
  • how to find and evaluate OER;
  • how to integrate OER into your class.

After attending, CARLI-member teaching faculty will be invited to write a short review of an open textbook in the Open Textbook Library.


  • Kim Hale, Columbia College Chicago;
  • Lauren Kosrow, College of DuPage;
  • Elizabeth Clarage, Michele Leigh, and Nicole Swanson, CARLI

If your institution plans to offer an incentive to your faculty for attendance at the workshop & writing a review of an open textbook, please email  so that CARLI staff can provide you the information you need about your faculty attendance/review status.

Registration is required. 

Virtual Course: Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources

CARLI is pleased to offer a 3-week synchronous and asynchronous course on open educational resources in October with the live sessions on October 4, 11, and 18 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Attendees should plan to attend each live session.

This virtual course is designed to help the novice person learning about open educational resources apply the information from this program to build their own local programs and workshops. The program is open to all CARLI members.

The virtual program will contain both synchronous (three live 90-minute Zoom sessions) and asynchronous (readings, videos, etc.) to be completed before each live session. The live sessions will include presentations, but the aim of the program planners is that these will incorporate a flipped classroom model to build community among participants as all share and discuss the topics.

Registration is available until October 2 or until the courses are full. Course materials will be sent to registrants on September 27.

CARLI-OER Email List

CARLI has established an email list for CARLI members to discuss and learn more about Open Educational Resources. Anyone from a CARLI institution may subscribe to the email list.

Illinois SCOERs in the Classroom This Semester

As of this date, Illinois SCOERs has funded the creation of Open Educational Materials (OER) for 23 institutions (public, private, and community colleges) across the state. We are so excited to announce that several of the OER funded by the grant program are being tested out in the classroom this semester! University of Illinois Springfield, Morton College, Olive Harvey, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Concordia University of Chicago, Parkland College, and University of Illinois Chicago are some of the institutions that are using all or parts of their OER creations. 

All OER created will be openly licensed, making these resources available for any faculty or institution to use or adapt; thus, expanding the impact of these resources from the original participants to faculty teaching similar courses across the country. Stay tuned for announcements as the OER materials are made available to the general public!

Illinois SCOERs Workshop Series

CARLI and the Illinois SCOERs Team are pleased to announce the final round of workshops designed to help librarians and faculty with the creation of Open Educational Resources. Please feel free to share widely; everyone is welcome to attend

Illinois SCOERs: Print Your First 3D Object
September 5, 2023 10:00 a.m.   

Elisandro Cabada will lead the second of his sessions on 3D printing designed for Illinois SCOERs awardees. This session is open to ALL CARLI members interested in 3D printing. Come with any questions you have based on your experience with your 3D printers. In addition, you will learn how to “slice” your 3D models into 3D printable objects using the free and easy to use Cura software. You will receive a demo of the slicing software as well as on finding free 3D printable objects online. We will end the session with information on your first printing assignment to help get you started. 

Illinois SCOERs: Introduction to Instructional Design Concepts
September 7, 2023 11:00 a.m.
Join eLearning Specialist Emily Boles, from University of Illinois Springfield, as she takes attendees through an overview of instructional design concepts and how the process can help to ensure student learning. This workshop is open to all who are interested in how Instructional Design can benefit your teaching and your students.  
Illinois SCOERs: Instructional Design for Open Educational Resources
September 14, 2023 11:00 a.m. 

Now that you understand the basics of Instructional Design, eLearning Specialist Emily Boles will take you through the benefits and process of incorporating instructional design techniques into your Open Educational Resources. This workshop is part of a series of workshops designed for the awardees of the Illinois SCOERs sub-grants but it is open to all CARLI members. 

Illinois SCOERs: H5P Interactive Content
September 21, 2023 11:00 a.m.  

eLearning Specialist, Emily Boles, will show you how to create accessible interactive content pieces with H5P. Though H5P is available in many OER textbook platforms, the workshop will focus on using an openly available tool. 
Illinois SCOERs: What is Accessibility and Why is it Important?
September 21, 2023 2:00 p.m.  

CARLI is pleased to offer a course on accessibility with Ann J. Fredricksen, the Coordinator of Accessible Media Service at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Ann will discuss what accessibility is and why it is important for the creation of Open Educational Resources. 

Illinois SCOERs: Review of 3D Printing So Far 
September 26, 2023 10:00 a.m. 

In this session, led by Elisandro Cabada, we will review the first printing assignment. We want to know, what was your experience like? We will learn about known issues with the 3D printer and discuss other best practices to promote successful printing. In addition, we will begin to learn about the different filaments provided through the grant and what the use cases are for each. This session is designed for Illinois SCOERs awardees, but all are welcome to attend! 

Illinois SCOERs: Incorporating Accessibility into your OER Project
Sep 28, 2023 2:00 p.m 

CARLI is pleased to offer another course on accessibility with Ann J. Fredricksen, the Coordinator of Accessible Media Service at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Ann will instruct participants in some of the particulars of creating accessible documents, offering tips and tools for designing accessible open educational resources. This workshop is part of a series of workshops designed for the awardees of the Illinois SCOERs sub-grants and is open to all CARLI members. Please join us to learn more! 

Illinois SCOERs: Copyright Basics and Creative Commons Licensing
Nov 28, 2023 2:00 p.m. 
Sara Benson, Copyright Librarian at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign will take you through learning how copyright is formed and licensed, and how to find copyright free or openly licensed images and articles. 

Illinois SCOERs: Permissions and Fair Use
Dec 5, 2023 2:00 p.m.  

Sara Benson will take you through her second course on copyright regarding permissions and fair use. In creating Open Educational Resources you might find that you need to use an article or image that has traditional copyright. If you must use a copyright protected item, learn about how to conduct a fair use analysis and, in the alternative, how to ask for permission to use a copyright protected item in your work. 

Professional Development Alliance Events

The following programs from the Professional Development Alliance are currently on the calendar. Programs are offered on a wide variety of subjects. Check out everything the alliance is making available to our libraries!

  • September 7: Wait? We're Drawing? Engaging Visual Strategies for First Year Library Orientation
  • September 12: Successful Workplace Communications Series: Assume Positive Intent
  • September 12: Empowering Students to Use AI Tools Ethically and Effectively
  • September 13: OER Faculty Workshop: Supporting Academic Success: Open Educational Resources and Equitable Course Materials
  • September 14: Personal Librarians: Building Relationships Across Campus 
  • September 18: Career Challenges & Experiences for Mid-Career/New Archivists and Librarians of Color
  • September 26: Let Freedom Read: How to Take a Stand for Intellectual Freedom and Support Fellow Library Workers in Illinois and Across the Nation
  • September 29: Leveling Up: Navigating Career Growth Through Informal Leadership in Libraries
  • October 11: Academic Librarians' Opinions on Social Justice Advocacy
  • October 12: The Internet Generation: Connecting with Gen Z in the Library Landscape
  • October 17: Giving a Hand Up: Why Mentorship Matters
  • October 18: Spell It Out: E-Resource Licensing Lunch and Learn Series
  • October 31: The FIERCEST Framework

To register, visit the CARLI Event Calendar. Recordings of past CARLI-sponsored PDA events are available on the Professional Development Alliance website when permitted by the presenter. 
Are you interested in presenting on a topic for CARLI members and the Professional Development Alliance? Or, would you like to moderate a follow up discussion for an upcoming program? to become more involved in CARLI's continuing education efforts!

Let Freedom Read: How to Take a Stand for Intellectual Freedom and Support Fellow Library Workers in Illinois and Across the Nation
September 26, 1:00–2:30 p.m. 

Intellectual freedom is the right of unrestricted access to information and ideas. U.S. library workers ensure that Free People Read Freely in our democracy by upholding the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read Statement, and the Freedom to View Statement. However, we are seeing attacks on intellectual freedom continue to escalate, not only through the rise of local material challenges by individuals and groups, but also through political pressure and through adverse state legislation that limits the work of librarians and causes fear for their job security and even criminal complaints.

In this webinar, learn the current state of the nation on these issues and reflect on the progress happening in Illinois with new legislation HB2789. We'll discuss ways your institutions and you personally can take a stand for intellectual freedom as well as support your library colleagues and communities facing heightened censorship pressures. 

Janice Del Negro, PhD, is a Professor at the School of Information Studies at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois, where she teaches all things youth services related, including Materials for Young Adults, Fairy Tale Fantasy and Contemporary Media, and Storytelling. 

Betsy Gomez, Assistant Director of Communications & Outreach, is a program officer for ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom, coordinator for Unite Against Book Bans and the Banned Books Week Coalition, and former coalition and editorial director for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, an advocacy organization dedicated to the First Amendment rights of the comics community.

Successful Workplace Communications Series

Assume Positive Intent
September 12, 1:00–2:00 p.m. 

When someone gets in a disagreement with us, or when someone fails to meet expectations in their work, or when someone acts in violation of rules, procedure, or social convention, we make certain assumptions. We assume they are choosing to act inappropriately. We assume that they understand the problem the same way we understand it. We assume that if they truly meant well, they would not be acting the way they are acting. 

In this second session of the Successful Workplace Communications Series, we will explore a big-picture perspective that will assist you with all interpersonal communications in the workplace. Ben Mead Harvey will present the case that others' intentions are irrelevant in deciding how to handle situations. Further, he will propose that you always assume they are acting with good intentions, even when there is evidence to the contrary. We will discuss techniques that encourage you to assume positive intent and explore the effectiveness of those strategies. 

Academic Librarians' Opinions on Social Justice Advocacy 
October 11, 10:00-11:00 a.m.

This session will reveal the results of 113 academic librarians surveyed regarding their views on social justice advocacy. As part of a mixed-methods exploration, both quantitative and qualitative elements will be explored. Beyond a comprehensive survey administered, librarian advocates describe how they approach issues of social justice, what the benefits are of addressing inequities within academic libraries, what barriers they've encountered in their advocacy efforts and initiatives, and what advice a more experienced advocate might offer to a peer with less knowledge who is interested in becoming more involved.

Presenter Judith L. Brink Drescher is the University Librarian and Associate Dean of Learning Services at Molloy University.

Giving a Hand Up: Why Mentorship Matters
Oct. 17 10:00–11:00 a.m.

During a focus group study with tenure-track and tenured librarians in 2021/2022,  Susan Howell and Tammie Busch discovered that one of the most prominent themes that emerged was mentorship and how mentorship had been helpful and how it had been lacking. Although the focus group centered on tenure-track librarians they learned that mentorship benefits all librarians. In this program we will discuss the benefits of mentorship, how one finds mentorship, and how to be a mentor.

Susan Howell is an Assistant Professor and Cataloging and Metadata Librarian at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. 

Tammie Busch is an Assistant Professor and Catalog and Metadata Librarian at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

The FIERCEST Framework
October 31 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Presented by Erin Tarr, Confidence Coach for Teens, CEO of Be the Benchmark, LLC, Author of "Your FIERCE Life - 6 simple steps to daily confidence for teens," and Founder of the FIERCE Moms Monthly Membership.

Anxiety, depression, hopelessness and fear of the future are all on the rise in our post-covid world. For teens, young adults, and even the "middle aged”. There are a million fads to try and keep us from the downward spiral (some of which even work!) – But when it comes to lasting change and life long happiness – is that even possible? 
Luckily the answer is yes! The FIERCEST framework brings together the best of psychology and personal development and gives you the tools to create a life you wake up EXCITED to live each day of your life! Be your happiest/healthiest self in order to help your patrons be their happiest healthiest selves.

Let's Talk About Fulfillment

After a brief hiatus, LTAF is back for fall 2023/spring 2024 with the theme: "Alma Configuration: Whose Are These Settings, and What Do They Do?"

Each session will discuss a portion of fulfillment-related Alma Configuration, including an explanation of any consortial recommendations or requirements. There will be time each session for Q&A, and as always, the opportunity for libraries to schedule meetings with CARLI staff for individual institution follow-ups.  The sessions will be recorded and posted to the CARLI website.

Please visit the event page(s) on the CARLI Calendar to register for the session(s) you would like to attend. The Zoom connection information will be sent on the Monday before each meeting.

When: Every other Tuesday from 2-3:30 p.m., starting August 29

Other Library News

HSLI Annual Conference Registration

Registration is now open for the Health Science Librarians of Illinois (HSLI) Annual Conference.  

The keynote speaker, Tracey Smith, DNP, PHCNS-BC, MS, Director of Community Health and Programs at Illinois Public Health Association (IPHA) will present "Health Scientists, Libraries, and Public Health: Partnerships for Community Health". This interactive session will focus on how libraries can promote community/public health by creating healthy social and physical environments through cross-sector collaboration to address topics such as disease prevention, health misinformation, digital literacy, expansion of broadband, and wellness. 

The conference will take place in person on Friday, September 22. You can register on the conference website. The registration deadline is Monday, September 18th.

ACRL Community and Junior College Libraries Mentoring Program 2023-2024

Are you new to community college libraries and want to expand your professional knowledge/skills? Or are you an experienced librarian willing to share your knowledge to help others develop their skills? The CJCLS Mentoring Program Committee invites you to participate in the 2023-2024 CJCLS Mentorship Program!

Program participants will be accepted until September 8, 2023. After the deadline, participants will be paired (mentor/mentee) and the program will run from October 16, 2023 until June 30, 2024.

Requirements for Participation:

For Mentees - Open to all who are currently employed at a community college library as a librarian, staff, administrator, or students enrolled in or recent graduates from graduate-level Library and Information Science (MLIS) programs.
For Mentors - Currently employed at a community college library as a librarian or administrator with a minimum of 4 years of library experience. If you no longer work at a community college library, and want to serve as a mentor, the Committee is asking that you have a minimum of 7-10 years of community college experience.

How to Apply: 

Fill out the appropriate application at the link below by the September 8 deadline!

Mentor Application Form:
Mentee Application Form:

2022-2023 program mentors and mentees shared many positive and beneficial experiences: 

  • ….was incredibly supportive and communicative. He exposed me to a lot of information in the field and guided me well when it came to scholarships, jobs, interviews, and general career advice.
  • We really clicked, personality-wise, and managed to have both personal and professional conversations.
  • Having the opportunity to meet and talk to someone else for advice was invaluable as a first year librarian. 
  • Sometimes it's just helpful to hear other people's experiences

For more information, contact the CJCLS Mentoring Committee Chair: and .

Infobase Credo Reference Refresh

Credo Reference has rolled out a new platform!

Things to note regarding the change:

  • Redesign of the user interface with a cleaner homepage and dedicated Mind Map and Advanced Search pages.
  • The existing Credo LTI and API integrations will be retired soon. 
  • If you use EBSCO Discovery Service, you may need to update you information in that system to continue using your redo widget. 
  • The automated usage reporting method "SUSHI harvesting" will require updated credentials. 
  • All current authentication methods and credentials will be supported.
  • Your customization will be carried over.

To find out more, visit the Credo help center. You can also attend the upcoming webinar presentation on September 6 –Introducing the New Credo Reference.

Statewide Cataloging Support

Supported in part by a grant from the Illinois State Library and the Secretary of State, the Cataloging Maintenance Center (CMC) provides statewide cataloging support for Illinois libraries, including free original and copy cataloging of eligible special collections, consultation on metadata projects, database cleanup for LLSAPs, cataloging training, and more.  The CMC is operated by and is a division of the Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS). 

In support of librarians and their professional development, the CMC offers many continuing education events that staff at CARLI libraries can take advantage of:

  • Cataloging Basics, Sept. 11-Oct. 22, 2023
  • A Quest to Assemble: Cataloging Board Games, Sept. 14, 2023
  • Stump the CMC, Oct. 12, 2023
  • Focus on Serials Cataloging, Oct. 30-Nov. 12, 2023
  • Constructing Our Past: Cataloging Blueprint, Nov. 9, 2023
  • Focus on Deriving a Record, Nov. 13-24, 2023
  • Focus on Cataloging Binge Boxes, Dec. 4-17, 2023
  • A Place for Everything: Digital File Organization, Dec. 14, 2023

Please visit the CMC calendar for a complete list of events and to register for an event you would like to attend. Learn more about the CMC

Upcoming CARLI Events and Meetings

Important Dates

September 3     Alma Monthly Release
September 4     CARLI Office Closed for Labor Day 

October 1          Alma Monthly Release    


September 6     Executive Committee
September 11   Governing Directors Check-in
September 12   Commercial Products Committee
September 15   Governance Board Meeting

October 10     Commercial Products Committee

Webinars, Forums, Workshops and Training

September 5     Illinois SCOERs: Print Your First 3D Object
September 7     Illinois SCOERs: Introduction to Instructional Design Concepts
September 7      Office Hours: Illinois Course Materials Survey: Student Perspective
September 7      Weekly Illinois SCOERs Office Hours
September 12    Successful Workplace Communications Series: Assume Positive Intent
September 12    Let's Talk About Fulfillment: Alma Configuration-Automated Fulfillment Network (AFN)
September 13    OER Faculty Workshop Supporting Academic Success: Open Educational Resources and Equitable Course Materials
September 14    Weekly Illinois SCOERs Office Hours
September 14    Alma Primo VE Open Office Hours
September 14    Illinois SCOERs Instructional Design for Open Educational Resources
September 21    Weekly Illinois SCOERs Office Hours
September 26: Let Freedom Read: How to Take a Stand for Intellectual Freedom and Support Fellow Library Workers in Illinois and Across the Nation
September 26    Illinois SCOERs: Review of 3D Printing So Far
September 26    Let's Talk About Fulfillment: Alma Configuration-Patron Physical Item Loans
September 28    Illinois SCOERs: Incorporating Accessibility Into Your OER Project
September 28    Weekly Illinois SCOERs Office Hours

October 3       Ethnographic Research Methods in Libraries
October 4       Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources Session #1
October 5       Illinois SCOERs Weekly Office Hours
October 10     Let's Talk About Fulfillment: Alma Configuration-Patron Physical Item Requests
October 11     Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources: Session #2      
October 11     Academic Librarians' Opinions on Social Justice Advocacy
October 12     Illinois SCOERs Weekly Office Hours
October 12     Alma Primo VE Open Office Hours
October 17     Giving a Hand Up: Why Mentorship Matters
October 18     Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources: Session #3
October 19     Illinois SCOERs Weekly Office Hours
October 24     Let's Talk About Fulfillment: Alma Configuration-Overdues, Lost, and Fines and Fees
October 26     Illinois SCOERs Weekly Office Hours
October 31     The FIERCEST Framework

Consult the CARLI calendar for the most current list of meeting times and locations.

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