PDA Event: Successful Workplace Communications Series: Assume Positive Intent

Tuesday, September 12, 2023 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

When someone gets in a disagreement with us, or when someone fails to meet expectations in their work, or when someone acts in violation of rules, procedure, or social convention, we make certain assumptions. We assume they are choosing to act inappropriately. We assume that they understand the problem the same way we understand it. We assume that if they truly meant well, they would not be acting the way they are acting. 
In this second session of the Successful Workplace Communications Series, we will explore a big-picture perspective that will assist you with all interpersonal communications in the workplace. Ben Mead Harvey will present the case that others' intentions are irrelevant in deciding how to handle situations. Further, he will propose that you always assume they are acting with good intentions, even when there is evidence to the contrary. We will discuss techniques that encourage you to assume positive intent and explore the effectiveness of those strategies. 

Ben Mead-Harvey

Ben Mead-Harvey is an Instructor at the iSchool at the University of Illinois. He teaches Personnel Management and Financial Management of Libraries, the former of which he designed and created for the college. He has been working in libraries since 2007, the bulk of which has been in management of municipal and district libraries. His major passion is learning about and teaching others how to effectively manage. He has authored many short articles on effective management practices which can be found at www.better-boss.com. Ben has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master of Library Science from the University of Illinois as well as a Master of Business Administration from North Dakota State University. 

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The first session in the Successful Workplace Communications Series, "Navigating Difficult Conversations" was held on July 25. The recording is now available. 

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