Spring Dates 2022- Let's talk about Fulfillment (I mean Alma, not life's purpose)

If you'd like to talk with CARLI staff and your CARLI library colleagues about Alma Fulfillment and Automated Fulfillment Network workflows, known issues, and Q & A, join us online for the fall sessions of “Let’s talk about Fulfillment (I mean Alma, not life’s purpose).”
Sessions are scheduled for every other week, alternating between Tuesdays at 10:30am and Fridays at 2:00pm.

CARLI Office Staff will be online for each session to work with your questions and to facilitate the discussion in these informal sessions.

Attendees will be able to unmute their microphones and/or utilize the chat for participation. We'll take turns sharing screens as appropriate.

This session will be recorded only for CARLI staff use; since Fulfillment involves patron data, the CARLI office will evaluate if it is fitting and valuable to post segments of the session for later review.

To register:

Please send any questions to