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Prerequisites for Publishing in CARLI Digital Collections

When an institution's primary CONTENTdm contact sends a request to publish a collection to CARLI Support at , if the following criteria have been met, CARLI staff will publish the collection to CARLI Digital Collections.

  1. Collections should be in accordance with the principles defined in CARLI's Digital Collection Development Policy.
  2. There are five required metadata fields that must be included in all collections: Title, Collection, Language, Rights, and Type. Specifications for these fields, and the information that should be contained in each of them, can be found in the document Required Metadata Fields for CARLI Digital Collections.
  3. Each collection must have an "About This Collection" page that describes it, even if no "look and feel" customization is being requested (see below). Information may include, but is not limited to:
    a. The relationship between the collection and the institution
    b. Source of the original items
    c. Purpose of the collection

This description can be submitted using the customization form. If customization is not being requested for a particular collection, this information may be submitted to CARLI at . If desired, the look and feel of a collection can be customized to reflect the institution or the specific collection. This customization should be completed prior to publication.

Possible customizations include:

  • Colors
  • Banner
  • Logo

If customization information is not submitted, the default CARLI Digital Collections look and feel will be applied to the collection. The Saskia Art Images Collection represents the default CARLI look and feel. To submit customization requests, an institution's primary CONTENTdm contact should complete and submit the customization form.

Revised: 5/28/2015